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  1. Linally

    How to make an event trigger when you buy something

    Hi all! My question is about getting an EVENT item to show when I've bought an item. In this particular project, I want you to be able to buy "key items", like furniture. And when you buy this furniture from the shop, it being in the inventory should cause the event to trigger on the map, and...
  2. Linally

    Enemy Chase Horror Script Request

    I've been trying my damnedest to make this work with out a script, but there's just no way I can do it. A script along these lines should be the answer. I've seen quite a few people looking for something like this too. What I Want It To Do: Event Character is able to:        Use transfer...
  3. Linally

    Monster Approach = Game Over Problem

    So, I understand the whole, set monster to approach and event touch = a game over. But what I want to do, and cannot figure out how to achieve, is getting the event monster to FOLLOW the player through DOORS. Say....for a good 10 seconds, I want this monster following relentlessly. Much like...

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I made a menu option that pulls a (accurate) version of the world map from my game instead of having a "traditional" world map. How did I do?


..Every time after I edit it and repost it I find a new tiny error I made. :kaodes:

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