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  1. Earthboundish Sprite Display Error

    I tried to put this script:,47693.0.html Mother 3 Sprite Display but this happened :( This is the XP Style Battle: It's around this part: #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # ● [追加]:座標の設定...
  2. Mother 3 Like menu?

    Is it able to make a menu like this? I probably think it is cause people already made the ring menu.
  3. VX Ace Script Window_Selectable Error

    I start a battle then it says this error :( Script 'Window_Selectable' line 61: ZeroDivisionError occured divided by 0 This is Window_Selectable line 61 def row_max [(item_max + col_max - 1) / col_max, 1].max end
  4. Is there any way to make Timed Attacks on VX Ace?

    If you don't know Combos are like if you push the A button at the right time you get another hit Example: Thanks!
  5. What's your thoughts on RPG Maker UNITE

    I'm just curious
  6. Mother 20XX

    Hello, I'm currently making a game called Mother 20XX, I'm Currently Trying To find a way to make moving battle backgrounds in VX ACE Every forum, Every video, Nothing. Can someone give me a script for VX Ace Pls? It will be helpful. Thanks! -TopHatGuy.

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This could be useful...
I made a menu option that pulls a (accurate) version of the world map from my game instead of having a "traditional" world map. How did I do?


..Every time after I edit it and repost it I find a new tiny error I made. :kaodes:

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