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  1. kairi_key

    Tanking without Aggro?

    As we all know, the defining attribute of a Tank class is their survivability--able to withstand attacks. This attribute play big part in a game with Aggro management. However, what does this "survivability" do in a game without Aggro management? How does being able to withstand/absorb big...
  2. kairi_key

    Making Item-user Class more interesting and fun to play?

    The Item-user or Item-related class is not popular for reason that clash hard with a certain player usual psychology: Item spending vs. Item hoarding. It's not really a satisfying class to use. What ways do you think could make this Item-specialist class more fun to play as? FF styles' "Mix"...
  3. kairi_key

    Fantasy world you'd like to see more of

    Recently, I've been watching a lot of Avatar: The last Airbender youtube video and its inspired location. I, then, am reminded of some interview about FFX that the dev kinda wanna introduce a fantasy world that is not limited to poppy medieval europe that we've come to expected from RPG. It got...
  4. kairi_key

    Introduction of new character

    So, before we dig into the topic, let me bring this up first. I've been thinking harder about the importance of healing items vs healing magic. I wanted to introduce a healer character later in the game like at about second or third dungeon to give players time to play with healing items. But...
  5. kairi_key

    How to make a "Draw card" Skill?

    I was looking for a way to implement a skill where you can draw a card from a deck. I think it can totally be achieved through some tiny scripting and custom formula bar, but I just don't know how to properly code it as a ruby noob. Here's the logic of what I want: 1. You randomize a number...
  6. kairi_key

    Is basic status ailments really basic?

    It's just a weird thought I've been having. When we think about what kind of staple status ailments in RPG we tend to think about Poison or Blind or Stun, and many games treat this that way. But are they really basic? Ability to chip away HP indiscriminately or hamper probability to hit sounds...
  7. kairi_key

    Attack's formulae for each weapons

    In some games, each weapons can have different damage formulae. This results in uniqueness of each weapons. It really works well in a game where characters can equip multiple weapon types as you can see some characters shine through with more proficiency toward a certain weapon type. However...
  8. kairi_key

    Auto-battle's AI?

    Does anyone know of a way to have more control over actors' auto-battle AI? I tried searching for it but somehow I haven't seen any relevant result so far. So I suspect it might be possible that the hyphen in "auto-battle" that mess it up. Anyway, I'd like to be able to set more complex...
  9. kairi_key

    HP and MP on a Level up

    This is probably a small thing and more of a hypothetical stuff, but... What is your opinion on how games handle current HP/MP of a character when s/he level up? Mostly, I see the option of if HP or MP is full it/they will still be increased to still be full, but if not then current HP/MP stay...
  10. kairi_key

    Chaining Encounters

    So, I've been wondering on how to make interesting and less annoying normal encounter and one of the idea I get is to have encounters chainable. The idea is, in a game with somewhat big maps, you have a choice to chain random encounters together to fight troops in waves. The player can have...
  11. kairi_key

    How to make fun "Attack"?

    This is inspired by thread about guard command, lol. Attack is your most basic and mandatory command in most RPG, so it's important enough as it is. Though, most of the time, smashing attack command is considered to be less fun way to play a menu-based rpg. Attack command also often fall out of...
  12. kairi_key

    how enemy targeting works?

    I tried to look it up in the script editor but I don't understand it, lol, so I need some explaining on these topics... - how enemy choose its target? - how random target skills work? - how is tgr related to all of it?
  13. kairi_key

    designing for 3 and 4 battle party?

    I'm sure this might be a thoroughly analyzed topic but I just can't seem to find a word to search for it so... What are your opinions on how it differs between having 3 and 4(or even different numbers) party members in a battle in terms of game design and balance(mostly in all aspects)? I...
  14. kairi_key

    YEA Battle System with HIME's Permastate

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum or not, but well... I'm using YEA Battle System with Hime's Permastate scripts. Both of them don't conflict with each other. My issue is that, Hime's Permastate doesn't have a pop-up in Yanfly's script. It seems that Hime's script store permastate in a...
  15. kairi_key

    Slip Damage Text

    Is there any way to make it show some texts when slip damage/regeneration is taking effect? Normally, this seems to get wrapped up at the end of a turn and can be overlooked. I saw some damage popup scripts that could be useful, but it would be nice to make it appear as battle text instead of...
  16. kairi_key

    On Pharmacology...

    What I'm wondering is... Is there a way to separate PHA into recovery item's PHA and damage item's PHA? Like, it would be cool if you can make an accessory that increase your efficiency on just the recovery item and another accessory for just the damage item. I'm using vxace btw. I'm not sure if...
  17. kairi_key

    HIT then EVA or HIT-EVA?

    By default, RPG Maker make it that when you use physical attack, your HIT will be calculated first to see if you will miss. If you don't miss, then enemy's EVA got calculated to see if the thing can evade that hit. So, it's more of a checking for chance thing (landing a hit = can hit & enemy...
  18. kairi_key

    MDF/MND/SPR for healing?

    I saw some games especially FF series use or include MDF/MND/SPR stats for healing instead of just plain MAG/INT stats. Does anyone know why that's the case? I've been looking through sites but I've found nothing, so might as well ask. And while on the topic, too, what do you all think about...

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