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  1. JohnnyR

    Absolutely amazing! You did a great job with those guitars! It kept me thinking on some sort of...

    Absolutely amazing! You did a great job with those guitars! It kept me thinking on some sort of "Intense Castle Invasion Scene". Guess that's how I'd used it, but it does sound great as a trailer song as well. Also, for some reason I never realized you were on SoundCloud as well, so I followed...
  2. JohnnyR

    Indeed, it sounds great! 0:37 onward was a great battle track, but for some reason I'm in love...

    Indeed, it sounds great! 0:37 onward was a great battle track, but for some reason I'm in love with this calm track from 0:59 forward! Hahaha
  3. JohnnyR

    Scythuz's Assorted Music Freebies!

    I commented on the track itself on SoundCloud, but hey, why not comment here as well? Great job, Scythuz! I loved how it seems calm and somehow happy, and then it gets deep and somewhat dramatic at some points! I'm usually away from the forums, so seeing this thread of yours as soon as I...
  4. JohnnyR

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath Extension

    Well, sorry for such a late reply, but anyway.. I found the bug. Apparently what is causing said behavior is Yanfly's ATB system. I tried all sorts of combinations, by that I mean moving stuff to other places in the scripts list. However, it seems that just by having ATB on, the characters will...
  5. JohnnyR

    Swords for now

    Great to see you're still at it, YogiKun! I really missed your weapons, they look amazing. Hahaha Btw, great job with those Spears! :rwink:
  6. JohnnyR

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    So, is there any chance these amazing new shields and helmets will be added to your RXGE file for the Extended Generator? :p
  7. JohnnyR

    Countless new site features and my beloved Badges were replaced by Trophies... What kind of...

    Countless new site features and my beloved Badges were replaced by Trophies... What kind of great revolution happened while I was away? lol
  8. JohnnyR

    Elemental Temples- UPDATED 12/31 (Time Temple)

    Just passing by again to say that the new temples are amazing! I loved the Time Temple, it looks awesome! Congrats, and keep up the great work.
  9. JohnnyR

    EISLibrarium 1.02 [Updated]

    Glad to hear that! Yes, I have the file in the data folder. Also, I tested the file you provided above but I still got the same error message. I believe it is some kind of compatibility error with another script, but the problem is, those scripts in the dev tools I talked about earlier...
  10. JohnnyR

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath Extension

    Well, they are common message events, with their trigger set to "none". Their content is simply a text message. I mean, there is nothing wrong with them. I had a version of them with a sound file for each character's line, but I tried removing the sound file and leaving just the text message...
  11. JohnnyR

    EISLibrarium 1.02 [Updated]

    Hey, Kino. Sorry for such a late reply. I've had quite a busy month, so I totally forgot about this, sorry. Anyway, I've attached a file with both versions of the Book.json and the KRBook.js files that I'm using, hope it helps.
  12. JohnnyR

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath Extension

    Hey, DreamX, I've been having a "bug" where sometimes, after the last enemy is killed, another action takes place during the Victory Screen. Only after I perform another action the quotes show up. Could this be the cause to it? I tried messing with the code a little bit but couldn't fix it...
  13. JohnnyR

    Galv's Roll Credits

    Sorry for such a late reply. I had a busy week. lol Anyway, I have over 200+ scripts in my project, so finding a culprit was kinda hard, but after several minutes, I did it. The bug is caused by this script: MOG - Menu Background Now, it essentially changes the background from many menu...
  14. JohnnyR

    EISLibrarium 1.02 [Updated]

    Sure. Just some info: The scripts that also show in the SyntaxError have nothing to do with this bug. I tested this myself by removing each one of them, and yet, nothing changed.
  15. JohnnyR

    Quasi Audio

    I've been looking for something like this for ages! Amazing script, it worked flawlessly, thank you very much!  :D Just a question tho...  I was testing out the sounds and I realized that choosing a type different from a BGM in the settings of a qaudio, doesn't actually change the fact...
  16. JohnnyR

    EISLibrarium 1.02 [Updated]

    Hey, I tried using your plugin but I keep getting an "Unexpected Identifier" error every time I try to open a book in-game. I've looked into it and apparently it's not a compatibility issue, since I tried it on a new project just to be sure. Maybe it could be something related to the latest...
  17. JohnnyR

    Galv's Roll Credits

    Nope, your Demo does not show this bug. That got me thinking, is this plugin updated to PIXI 4.0? Maybe that could be the problem. Not sure. Anyway, here's a sample: Any ideas?
  18. JohnnyR

    Galv's Roll Credits

    Great plugin! I've been looking for a good credits script for a while now.. I really didn't want to make one so.. Thank a lot!  :P I have two questions, tho.. Could it be possible to add a BGM to the Credits Scene?  And what is that grey-like background that follows the letters as they...
  19. JohnnyR

    RPG Maker MV 1.3.0 Update!

    Great update! Indeed, having regular updates is something we all wished for, and it's really great to see this keeps happening. Thank you all!  :D However, the encryption problems are really sad to see, specially since it's one of the features I've been waiting for way too long. By using the...
  20. JohnnyR

    PixelMister's RMMV Tile Resources

    That sounds amazing! I was looking at those temples today as well, so if you do make matching tilesets for those, I'll be sure to check 'em out! Oh, and it's good to see you expanded the thread! :)  

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