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  1. Onomotopoeia

    Crafting Categories/Ideas, and What's in the Town?

    While looking into Vlue's Advanced Recipe Crafting script, specifically the crafting categories, a stray memory happened to pop into place. Sometime just after the Y2K rollover, while looking around the 'net for game-making tutorials, I came across a article which listed some things...
  2. Onomotopoeia

    An RPG Maker? With No Scripting?

    I found a post in the Open RPG Maker forums thread where the lone-developer "Tuxinator" a-k-a Justin is claiming it unnecessary for the editor and engine to be made with any scripting support, although eventing will be part of it. Just curious how prevalent this idea is, if anyone knows any...

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Letting people know I'm debating leaving RM, and thus this forum. I'll continue to keep in touch with any friends I've made here, but between Unity being better suited to my needs and people on here getting increasingly horrible, I think switching my games to Unity might be better for my mental health.

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