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  1. Willibab

    RMMZ Mercenary Class

    Got an idea for a Mercenary class that might be interesting. It's very similar to FFX's Yojimbo pay mechanic. (Basically pay it money for it to preform actions. Chance for better actions increase with how much you pay.) Context: Abilities: Actions that all cost 100 AP (TP name in my game), when...
  2. Willibab

    RMMZ Project ''Totally NOT Final Fantasy''

    So I got the 8-bit DLC and just had to use it, so I started yet another project xD The initial idea is basically to mix NES final fantasy games with FF7. It will also be more open as you can choose your classes like FF1 and can use any weapons and level them up, like FF2. Each weapon type is...
  3. Willibab

    RMMZ SceneManager Code into a Plugin?

    I used the DevTools to add text to the status menu. SceneManager._scene._statusWindow.drawTextEx(" \\c[0]Job Lv. \\c[4]10 \\c[0]-\n\n \\c[0]Job Lv. \\c[4]20 \\c[0]-\n\n \\c[0]Job Lv. \\c[4]30 \\c[0]-\n\n \\c[0]Job Lv. \\c[4]40 \\c[0]-\n\n \\c[0]Job Lv. \\c[4]50 \\c[0]-", 15, 210)...
  4. Willibab

    RMMZ Status Screen Tweaks

    So using Visustella Main Core, I can choose which parameters to display. Im very satisfied with how it looks in my status screen But if I have this many then it looks like this in main menu This code governs how the parameters is shown on the main menu if there is space for it. My goal is...
  5. Willibab

    RMMZ Skill Menu Tweaks

    I'm looking for help to make a plugin to change the font size of the param text and numbers. It is a change that I think Visustella SkillStates did. The Visustella MainMenuCore did the same in the main menu. I managed to change it in the main menu due to JS code being available. (This...
  6. Willibab

    Crystal System

    So this is my latest attempt at a skill system, which is basically just shamelessly mixing FF7's Materia system with FF9's passive system xD It's split into three categories. Physical Crystals: The Yellow ones are Command Crystals and come in two categories, ones that replace Attack command...
  7. Willibab

    RMMZ Tweak to Equip Scene

    I'm trying to get two columns of equipment slots instead of having to scroll down since I'm going to have quite a lot of slots at endgame. Would be visually appealing to have 1 row with equipment and 1 with the abilities. Is this a simple ''add / 2'' thing or is it more complicated? Been...
  8. Willibab

    RMMZ Visustella Info Windows

    It there a way to toggle them off? Or just remove them? I have them in Shops, Item and Skill scene despite disabling updated layout. Feel like I've looked through all the options, maybe I'm just temporarily blind or something :P
  9. Willibab

    Soul Essence

    I got an idea for a mechanic yesterday, its linked with my story to a certain point (with some magical mumbo jumbo as glue). I call it...Soul Essences It's a pretty simple mechanic mixing together several ideas i've had or liked in other games. My main character is possessed by a magical...
  10. Willibab

    Cosmetic Customization

    For turn based 2-D games specifically here. Would you like cosmetic customization? And how would you want it to be implemented? Choices from the start (character creator) or unlocks from doing things in the game? Or both? Maybe a NPC that can change hair like a barber? An Illusionist that can...
  11. Willibab

    Demo Length

    What do you guys prefer? A small taste of the overall game? Enough to get a feel for the various systems or story? Or hours upon hours!
  12. Willibab

    Is there a name for this?

    The background that is slightly darker color, is that called something? Command background? I'm trying to find out if its possible to change/edit them but I don't even know what they are called xD
  13. Willibab

    Story-Driven Skill Aquirement.

    I can't believe me of all people is saying this, but I'm considering story driven skill acquirement. I'm usually very into sandboxy stuff and simulations but that's just a big pain to make to be truthful xD I still want choices however so I'm wondering how others would feel about my newly...
  14. Willibab

    RMMZ Story/Plot so far...

    So I'm working a little on my game's story/plot...Because I suppose I should have one of those. Not my favorite part of making games ngl, anyway I decided to present the intro first it in a ''paint a picture'' kind of way. And then add the context below. Man, its difficult to condense this...
  15. Willibab

    Created Character Sprite

    So I'm using a character pack which makes my choices limited. I am pretty much going to use them all for playable or important characters in the game. But what about the main character? The easiest choice would be just having a single sprite (possibly with some color choices), possibly a male...
  16. Willibab

    RMMZ Name Input Processing for Class

    Anyone know of a plugin that can do this? Basically the same as the Name Input Processing... scene only that you can type/edit the name of a class instead of actor name? Or maybe something that works around it, making it so an actor slot determines the name of a class?
  17. Willibab

    RMMZ Hime's Weapon Damage + WAY TextEval

    I am using WAY_EvalText and Himework's Weapon Damage but they don't seem to mix in some ways. Anyone made the two work? Or know of alternatives to either plugins?
  18. Willibab

    RMMZ Show HP, MP, TP numbers in Main Menu

    Im using Visustella plugins and for some reason, the Skillstatescore makes the gauges on the main menu look different and have a different font and I cant for the life of me find a way to even edit them. I have only been able to remove them. So im wondering if there is a way to add the...
  19. Willibab

    RMMZ Visustella Weapon Animations

    Any tips on how to use this? I feel like nothing works. Finally managed to calibrate 1 sheet to work but then a copy of it doesn't? Here is a weapon sheet that works fine. Looks fine right? So I figured I would just copy a new sword in the same location and it would work right?
  20. Willibab

    Favorite Turn based Battle System?

    I realize some of these are more ''tick'' based but its basically the same thing, you wait for your turn and you don't actively run around :P Explanations of each style: I personally like CTB. Even though ff10 isn't my...

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