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  1. That Odd One

    Arc Engine, I always fall through the tilesets?

    Stupid question I know, but whenever I make my map on Arc Engine I always fall through the tile and die, I have no idea how the physics editor works can someone show me in images or something? Thanks.
  2. That Odd One

    Hello All!

    Hello, I'm That Odd One, I have seen some other odd ones on here but that's good, I don't have much experience with RPG maker I started when I was 16 but I can still help people out here if I know how. I can't sprite. at all.  I like painting, playing Team Fortess 2, Music, Tumblr, work in my...

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how do you attach those images to your posts?
I picked up FF III pixel remaster for the mobile discount sale. I guess that's on my plate after I finish Lunar Silver Star Story. That said, I am strongly considering an entry for the IGMC 2022 since an idea came to me for this year's theme.
Map033.png Road to the ruins of the temple of light you'll be exploring after leaving Teytal. Can I get some Yays?
I just bought VN Maker with 75% off, just for the assets.

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