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  1. Alriosa

    RMMZ How Change the Icon Resolution in RPG Maker MZ

    Men thank you so much! I was looking like crazy where it wasn't, kinda newbie myself. Thanks a lot, SeaPhoenix! <3
  2. Alriosa

    How to make black border gone?

    This is not currently working on MZ It seems.
  3. Alriosa

    RMMZ How Change the Icon Resolution in RPG Maker MZ

    This is MVThis in MZ The JS are different inside, While in MV You could see this in rpg_windows.js in which there was this: In MZ there is no place I can found something similar.
  4. Alriosa

    RMMZ How Change the Icon Resolution in RPG Maker MZ

    Hi, Sorry to ask such a pretty much simple question, I'm quite new in this, I would like to know if there is any way to have a bigger Icons resolution (more than 32x32), like at the very least 64x64 in RPG Maker MZ, I notice that many people managed to do this change in RPG Maker MV by changing...

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