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  1. ScientistWD

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    Aha, yes! After all this time! "It is time", indeed! I really enjoyed this. Part of me worries that I make a lot of my judgements without a full picture of the game, which I apologize for. But allow me to repeat myself for good measure: With all the juice and hard work you put in, you...
  2. ScientistWD

    Getting hit by an element put enemy in state

    Hmmm.... Instead of self.add_state(33); use target.addState(33); I think that's all you need.
  3. ScientistWD

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    Oh my gosh. Congratulations, @Yoraee! That's so exciting and cool. I must also say, that the Unite Skill is as exciting and fun as I could have imagined. Good luck at the convention. Please share how it goes when the time comes!
  4. ScientistWD

    How do you like my Thief's "Steal" Command?

    I have thought about this! The trouble is implementing it in exactly the right way; I have not yet found a plugin or design that I like perfectly, so I have been putting it off. I already did this! Approximately a week ago! You have read my mind, @Wavelength ! I will add it to the introduction...
  5. ScientistWD

    How do you like my Thief's "Steal" Command?

    My game has four classes, but a player chooses only a party of three at the beginning of the game. One of those classes is the Thief, who uniquely has access to the Steal Command. Looking back through old threads, I can see a lot of distrust in "Steal". It makes me feel a little insecure to...
  6. ScientistWD

    Attack's formulae for each weapons

    I have insight on this, as I actually tend to implement this in almost every game I make. Which is to say, the main "attack" that an actor has is determined by what type of weapon they have equipped. I do this for two reasons: I find that as I a player I can appreciate small mechanical...
  7. ScientistWD

    Stun vs. Paralyze status effects

    @bgillisp: I respectfully disagree. I do think it is intuitive enough to combine the ideas of temporary snake venom, restrained in by a spell, being snared by a net, being shaken by a quake and the like under an umbrella of "I cannot move". I think that is easy enough for a player to...
  8. ScientistWD

    Stun vs. Paralyze status effects

    It looks as though I am the only person in the Entire World that has found "Stun" and "Paralyze" to be redundant most of the time. From the player's perspective, there is such a huge loss of agency that it is not usually much "fun" to be stunned for a long time. And likewise, allowing the player...
  9. ScientistWD

    Wierd battle skill idea

    I believe that Bravely Second has a "Merchant" class that does this exact thing. I always thought it was interesting, if not a little quirky. Give it a shot.
  10. ScientistWD

    Using MP universally, or strictly for magic skills

    @Wavelength Regarding my minimalist design and no MP for non-magic users; I have been working on it for awhile, and there is plenty left to finish, so it is hard to say how much is "significant" in the long run. But I have gone through personally and have found my design to be working fairly...
  11. ScientistWD

    What do you do with elements in your game?

    My latest project did not take much advantage of "elements" at all. But my current one takes a tiny approach. Which is to say, there are only a small handful of highly useful spells in the game, including the spells that enemies have access to. As an example, Fire I and Fire II (the only fire...
  12. ScientistWD

    Using MP universally, or strictly for magic skills

    My latest project only has magic-users, so this was not an issue to pick a uniform style of MP for each of my characters. But in my current project, I have chosen a minimalist approach. Magic-users have MP, but physical fighters have nothing of the sort. Not even something like TP. Instead...
  13. ScientistWD

    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    My personal favorite is "Third Wheel Blonde" over there but I do have a soft spot for "Coloring Book" and "Sleepy Adult". Though honestly, they all have their own intrigue. Nice work indeed.
  14. ScientistWD

    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    This Week in Witches (10/21) That's right!! I told you I'd be back!! The Final Dungeon is here! It has its own Soundtrack and a bunch of cutscenes! The end of the game, and everything. This update, though, is spoiler-free. I also added the Credits, which also has its own song, you're welcome. I...
  15. ScientistWD

    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    This Week in Witches (10/06) Travel to the top of Gibbous Peak. It's probably the absolute hardest part of the game, from a practical perspective, anyway. The Moon is present for every battle, which makes combat much more exciting! It especially emphasizes what Toil and Trouble has to offer...
  16. ScientistWD

    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    This Week in Witches (9/29) The Ooze Lab is here! It's hidden somewhere in the estate. Inside, a variety of strange gooey enemies to test your strength. There's a boss inside, and maybe a few clues to new Magic Circle recipes... The Masquerade is open to those with the correct attire! The...
  17. ScientistWD

    How Abstract is Too Abstract? - Maps

    I... uhmm... also want to be a part of this conversation... But the idea of abstracting a map as far as possible kind of just draws me to ask what kind of game you're making, and what purpose the maps serve, right? Like, when you're skating around the overworld of Persona 4, you're gonna find...
  18. ScientistWD

    yanfly absorption barrier: penetration state for the target

    You are super close! But "value" needs to be set in that second block, which I do with the "target._prevBarrier" property. Also, you need the BuffsStatesCore, which I assume you have. Try this: It might maybe work. Attach this to a STATE. The state will remove all of your barrier points, and...
  19. ScientistWD

    RMMV New Game Idea: Avalon

    Yeah, friend, just practice! Practice, practice, practice, and you'll be great in no time. GoodSelf's suggestions are all good ideas. My best suggestions are: Definitely use the default sounds and sprites for your first game. I did for mine (called Sargasso), and when I started working on my...
  20. ScientistWD

    Balancing Player Characters to Function as Bosses

    I have one of these in my game, too. One thing you might want to consider is how the battle is supposed to feel. Is the deserter someone you respect and admire? Then maybe the main character challenges them one-on-one for a difficult and unique fight. Does the deserter reveal a hidden power, or...

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