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  1. Nowis-337

    Bug MZ 1.4.1 Frame Setting of Effects Reverting to "1"... sometimes (MV-Animations)

    Hi all, Here is an editor bug I found with the latest round of 1.4.1 MZ update in regards to selecting the frame number for the sound/flash effects for the MV-compatible animations. On some occasions, assigned 'frame number' for an effect reverts back to frame 1 when moving between animations...
  2. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Monsprites - Amethyst Version

    Monsprites - Amethyst Version About Welcome to the world of Monsprites! Capture and train your own Monsprite partner and enter the Grand Tournament to become the Monsprite League Champion! Surely it's that simple right? Or maybe not... Solve the adventure / puzzle aspects to obtain a strong...
  3. Nowis-337

    RMMZ [SOLVED] Vehicles ignoring Region Ruling? (VisuStella Event Move Core)

    Hello all! I am have a little trouble keeping my boats and ships to stay in the water with the VisuStella Event Move Core - Region Rulings function. To my understanding, "walk allow" should only allow walking sprites to enter - which I've set to Region 1 in the example below. Region 1 under...
  4. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Unwonted Hero (Demo updated! - Ver 6)

    An Unusual Hero's Journey You are an aspiring adventurer in a JRPG world, dreaming to become just like the heroes of legend who rose up and faced the Demon King in the past. Your chance finally arrived when a fairy chose you to become the next hero. Things should be straight forward right...
  5. Nowis-337

    RMMZ The Necro-Nom-icon - Lovecraftian Cooking Simulator

    The Necro-Nom-icon About Follow the recipe-like instructions of the Necro-Nom-icon and perform rituals to make contact with the Ancient Ones. Will it provide the answers you have been looking for? A reason for those odd dreams? Or will you succumb to madness first? A short game made for the...
  6. Nowis-337

    [Solved...?] Deleting Save File In-Game In MZ

    Hi all, I am looking into script calls to delete save files from within the game in MZ. From researching around the forums, I found the following script call for MV which works perfectly for my purpose when used within MV: StorageManager.remove(id); From my amateur digging around the MZ...
  7. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Magnum Rider Z [One Map Challenge]

    Magnum Rider Z About "Stop right there, criminal scum!" Another villain is causing trouble in the city again. It is up to Magnum Rider Z to give chase before they escape. Justice must be delivered swiftly... at all cost! This short game is an entry to the RPG Maker MZ "You Got It, Now Use...
  8. Nowis-337

    Nowis-337's Art Resources

    Hello! Hope everyone is having fun with MZ! Here are some free assets to add to your RPG making arsenals. I'll try and update here as I make more freebies down the track. Terms of Use (unless otherwise stated): Monster Encounters 1 Enemy battlers designed to add a little gimmick into your RPG...
  9. Nowis-337

    RMMV Harold's Journey Beyond

    Harold's Journey Beyond About The release of RPG Maker MZ is looming. Join Therese, Marsha and Lucius to embark on one final quest to farewell our beloved RPG Maker MV Hero, Harold! This is a short puzzle game I made in 2 weeks for the Harold's Last Stand game jam. Solve puzzles and collect...
  10. Nowis-337

    RMMV Mana-Tech Armor Simulator

    Mana-Tech Armor Simulator About The Demon Lord has unleashed a new threat upon the human empire - Giant monsters! It is up to you and your elite task force to pilot a giant magic-powered robot, the Mana-Tech Armor, to defend humanity against these new threats! Step into a giant robot’s...
  11. Nowis-337

    Yanfly Action Sequence - Shake Screen Troubleshooting

    Hi Everyone, I am having trouble getting the shake screen to work through action sequencing. I could get other functions such as flash screen and tint screen to work, yet the screen still stubbornly refuses to shake. Action Sequence Note Tag: <target action> motion thrust: user, no weapon...

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