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  1. Radis3D

    CP Large Sprite Fix make game Laggy

    Excuse me, I try use plugin CP Large Sprite Fix by Neon Black and it's work very well, but when i try put some event, suddenly the game very laggy and fps drop to 1. I think lot's of event make the fps drop, then I try to decrease the event but the issue still appear, then I try to OFF all the...
  2. Radis3D

    Show status in battle

    Anoo... Excuse me.. is there any plugin or way to show our stats in battle? so we can know our status when battle.., what buff or debuff that affect our member, what parameter have changed, etc.. sankyu
  3. Radis3D

    Skill for actor

    Anoo, excuse me.. I need help,  here...  Let's say, i have a class A And for Class, i have 2 actor..  In default, when we put some skill on a class, so actor 1 and actor 2 will have the same  skill..  How to make in same class can make different skill for each actor, May...
  4. Radis3D

    Cutscene Skipper

    hi, hi, may  Request about Cutscene Skipper? with press a button (to skip) and a confirmation (yes/no)? i think it will more helping in debug and making cutscene.. :3 (IMHO) sankyu
  5. Radis3D

    life steal weapon

    hello guys and master... i have tried to looking for 'life steal for weapon' here, but nothing.. anyone here, make the plugin?
  6. Radis3D

    Hide MP

    excuse me, i have try to edit rpg_windows to hide MP, but it doesn't work... how to hide MP, just show TP? thank you...
  7. Radis3D

    State Required for Skill

    Excuse me.. is someone here have make 'state requirement for skill?' if no, may someone here make one? example: in my mind, say the class is rogue.. if want to use backstab, he need to hide 1st || (state hide on, skill backstab will be on) the other example, say the class is archer need...

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