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  1. TheTsunaru

    RMMV Setting up a magic system

    I'm looking to set up a magic system that allows you to equip certain items, and depending on the items you have equipped, it will unlock certain magic spells for use (similar to the materia system). But instead of unlocking additional spells by leveling the materia, I want to tie it to the...
  2. TheTsunaru

    (SOLVED) Increasing variables by amounts with reducing returns.

    So I've been working on a skill system that's akin to the original Grandia system, but I've hit a bit of a snag. In it, you unlock elements and the basic level 1 spells connected to them by trading in items called Mana Eggs. Then as you use that element, you'll gain proficiency experience, and...
  3. TheTsunaru

    Shop Inventory by Switches

    I'm looking for a plugin that can change the inventory of a shop based on active switches. My game has a base town for which I want the shops to have an expanding inventory after visiting other shops and accomplishing a goal (something like doing a quest for the keeper or paying coin for them to...
  4. TheTsunaru

    Professional Wrestling

    So I'm a big fan of pro wrestling. Been watching it since I was two years old. About 90% of my freetime (which admittedly isn't much) these days goes towards watching it, primarily New Japan, though I dabble in NXT and ROH occasionally, and any PWG clips I can get my hands on. I tried my hand at...
  5. TheTsunaru

    Custom Skill Learning/Stat Boosting System

    This may be a bit too extensive to do for free. If that ends up being the case, I'll request it being moved into the classifieds section once I'm capable of affording to actually pay someone to do it (I'm unemployed at the moment, so I dont currently have much of a budget to throw into a...
  6. TheTsunaru


    Hello everyone. I am Tsunaru, though most people just call me Tsu. I'm a long time lurker in these here forums, but with the release of MV and wanting to get into it more seriously, I figured I'd introduce myself to the community. I've been dabbling on and off with various RPG Makers, from...

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