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  1. Kuro Neko

    A remake of this image into a .psd file

    This magic orb image is from Galv's Magic Shards demo and i really love it. But unfortunatelly, Galv don't keep it's .psd file. So, can someone remake that magic orb into a .psd? The original picture is Hexagram one. Edit: Please use different layers, so that i can replace picture and...
  2. Kuro Neko

    Bug of MOG's sprite actor

    I got a bug like this when i tried to use a skill with common event change party member to remove an actor from the party and add an actor not from the party (the image below). Please help me fix this bug! And this is the demo of the...
  3. Kuro Neko

    Need help with MOG's Smooooch EVO

    Hi, i'm trying to make a rhythm battle game by using MOG's Smooooch EVO script. Here's the link to the script: But, there are feature i want for my game. The script right now only allow user to change attack animation, but i want to...
  4. Kuro Neko

    Script for text box to look like this?

    I'm looking for the script to change the text box so it will display like in the picture.
  5. Kuro Neko

    Modification of FEXP

    Hello guys, i don't know if you guys know about this: It's a fire emblem battle system written on RMXP by bwdyeti. (Yeah, i love the gameplay of Fire Emblem, but i don't want to use the whole system without any creation). But for now, i'm really...
  6. Kuro Neko

    Fire Emblem Gameplay

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a gameplay script like Fire Emblem 7 The Blazing Sword: At first, there maybe cut-scene event or something. And when the battle begin, at first, it's a choose unit to deploy in the battle (start from 3:48 in the video). And...
  7. Kuro Neko

    Timer active in Pause Menu and Name Input

    When you use the control timer and set time for it, it will count down. But, when you enter Menu, the timer will stop count down and only work again if you leave the Menu, as well as the Name Input. Any ideal how to make it work in both Menu Scene and Name Input Scene?
  8. Kuro Neko

    Condition for dual wield skill

    Well, as you know, in skill database, the required weapon has two slot weapon type, but it's an "or" condition. That mean if one of two type equipped, the skill can be used. But i'm making a skill for dual wield type, so that i want two equip slot to be equipped with the required weapon, not...
  9. Kuro Neko

    MOG Battle Hud EX and YEA Command Equip

    Well, when i use those script together: The Equip line show in command, and i can use it, too. It work normally. However... The Command Window and Bonus Gauge also show, even though it's in Equip Scene. Well, i won't use Schala ATB Gauge so that circle doesn't be a matter. But... Is there...
  10. Kuro Neko

    Growth stat by enemy killed

    I want to make a passive skill which allow the user to growth stat for every enemy killed forever. I'm using Neon Black's Passive Skill Script: So now all i want is to make a state work like this: - For every enemy killed, add...
  11. Kuro Neko

    YEA Lunatic Damage

    Here's YEA's Lunatic Damage Pack: It's include 3 add-on for LDP, too. And, those LDP only work with skill, but i also want it to work with item, weapon and state, too. Is there anyway?
  12. Kuro Neko

    Change between MOG's animated title and Mog's himawari title

    Here's the link for MOG's animated title screen: And here's the link for MOG's himawari title screen: And, i want to make something, like, at first, the title gonna be MOG's...
  13. Kuro Neko

    Game's Save File Location

    The default game save is: Game's Name/savexx.rvdata2. I want to change the save location to: Game's Name/Save/savexx.rvdata2. So, i've changed this part in game's script: DataManager #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Determine Existence of Save...
  14. Kuro Neko


    I'd like to make a skill like this: - Actor use skill barrier, create a state "barrier" that will absorb a number of damage equal to actor's parameter. - And, if possible, i want to make 3 kind of barrier: one will absorb physical damage only, one will absorb magical damage only and one will...
  15. Kuro Neko

    Change skill animation and element depend on weapon elemental

    Is there a way to change skill's animation depend on weapon's element? Example: I have skill 20, which have skill animation is 1 (non-elemental). And, when i equipped the actor with weapon a with fire element. Well, i set the weapon animation is animation 2 (fire hit). But, the normal attack...
  16. Kuro Neko

    YEA's Skill Restrictions and MOG's Active Chain

    Here's YEA's Skill Restrictions: And here's MOG's Active Chain: The problem is, if i use those two scripts together, every chain will be counted as a turn for...
  17. Kuro Neko

    waterfall movement

    Well, i want to make a waterfall that player can pass over it. And, i want to make it like this: - If player move up (opposite the fall's current), player's movement will be decrease. - If player move down (same with the fall's current), player's movement will be increase. - If player just...
  18. Kuro Neko

    Change stat depend on HP percentage

    Is there anyway to make a state that will change target's stats depend on how much target's HP percentage?
  19. Kuro Neko

    Problem about music box script atelier

    Here's the script: In the original script, the make background part was like this: def make_background if @background.bitmap != nil @background.bitmap.dispose @background.bitmap = nil end if...

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