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  1. Nowis-337

    Nowis-337's Art Resources

    Feel free to use them for any project you want!
  2. Nowis-337

    Nowis-337's Art Resources

    Oldhar returns with is fellow corrupted companions! These were made as resources for the 2022 Harold Game Jam: The original Oldhar sprites was made for the forum's Original Character Contest 3 - get them here!
  3. Nowis-337

    Set Movement -> Change Image not accounting for 1x3 sprites?

    Each row represents the direction the character is facing : row 1 = down row 2 = left row 3 = right row 4 = up Depending on which row the correct damaged sprite is on, you can try changing the character direction to match it.
  4. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Magnum Rider Z [One Map Challenge]

    Thanks for the review and for trying this game out!
  5. Nowis-337

    Bug MZ 1.4.1 Frame Setting of Effects Reverting to "1"... sometimes (MV-Animations)

    I've updated to 1.4.2 and made a fresh project. I can still reproduce the same bug of the frame reverting (more consistent selecting back and forth between particle / MV animations) - Although I can sometimes reproduce it by selecting another MV animation (in the case of the video it reverts to 3?):
  6. Nowis-337

    Bug MZ 1.4.1 Frame Setting of Effects Reverting to "1"... sometimes (MV-Animations)

    Hi all, Here is an editor bug I found with the latest round of 1.4.1 MZ update in regards to selecting the frame number for the sound/flash effects for the MV-compatible animations. On some occasions, assigned 'frame number' for an effect reverts back to frame 1 when moving between animations...
  7. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Unwonted Hero (Demo updated! - Ver 6)

    A bit of an update while finishing off Act 2! Demo has been updated on the page Added a new "Hero Mode" that introduces a system that is more akin to traditional adventure games for those 'point-and-click' veterans. The journal/hint system has been streamlined along with a...
  8. Nowis-337

    RPG Maker MZ - Tile sets and Character Actors Duplicating

    Could be a new editor bug with the latest rounds of updates, possibly even from the latest 1.4.1 hotfix. I'm experiencing the same thing too - luckily functionally doesn't seem to affect things too much!
  9. Nowis-337

    Window Backgrounds in MZ

    I'm not understanding 100% of what the black and white in the screenshot means - but here's what I have to make a solid window background - the window.png as you mentioned, and also make sure the settings in the system 2 tab is 255 too:
  10. Nowis-337

    Original Character Contest Winners Season 3 Pack!

    Those are some amazing busts by the RPG Maker team! Thank you!
  11. Nowis-337

    RMMZ Monsprites - Amethyst Version

    Monsprites - Amethyst Version About Welcome to the world of Monsprites! Capture and train your own Monsprite partner and enter the Grand Tournament to become the Monsprite League Champion! Surely it's that simple right? Or maybe not... Solve the adventure / puzzle aspects to obtain a strong...
  12. Nowis-337

    Cool! Can't wait to see it as harold's legacy lives on.

    Cool! Can't wait to see it as harold's legacy lives on.
  13. Nowis-337

    What's the z value for an event set to be 'above player'?

    I use Galv's layer plugin for my parallaxes, but assuming the z value is the same, 5 is above everything and I could get my events to appear above z layer 4 and still have the player appear underneath it. See if that works!
  14. Nowis-337

    Retain items

    If you just view the "progress" in a game usually is controlled by what switches turn on/off / selfswitches of events / variables - you'll just have to keep track on what those values are and reverse them accordingly based on how far back you time travel (probably helps if you have organised...
  15. Nowis-337

    Retain items

    If you want to look into the meta effect of having things carry over between save files, you can look into VisuStella Save core with "global switches/variables" function and maybe find a way to add those items into the inventory based on those carried-over values...
  16. Nowis-337

    RPG Maker MZ v1.2.0 Update

    Not sure if this would help in showing what everyone is referring to by opening the steam version of MZ bypassing the steam DRM - according to steam the last time I opened it through steam is Jan 1 This is still the un-updated version of MZ editor (1.1.1)
  17. Nowis-337

    Let's Make a Scene Contest: ♡Heart Edition♡ Winners

    Congrats to the placing entries. A lot of other awesome scenes submitted in this event too! :hhappy:
  18. Nowis-337

    RMMV Can't Do Transparency?

    Yeah sometimes a reboot will help with updating assets in the editor, but usually running a playtest should work as well.
  19. Nowis-337

    RMMV Can't Do Transparency?

    Hmmm, the spritesheets look fine. Do a screenshot on what the editor screen looks like in the actor database - do the preview of selected character sprite, face, sv battler show the shadows?
  20. Nowis-337

    RMMV Can't Do Transparency?

    What does your whole sprite sheet PNG look like? What does your character in game with your sprite sheet look like (screenshot would help). Also, just double check that the correct edited sprite sheet is selected for the character (and the png file is placed in the correct corresponding folder).

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