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  1. K2loid

    Guildmaker7 walksprite templates

    GuildMaker7 Sprite templates An update to my MC4 templates from approximately 1 billion years ago. I heard "multiple tileset sizes" in that RM festival announcement and lost control of my senses. These are 7 chunky-styled sprites of various sizes for users who want a little more detail in...
  2. K2loid

    RMMZ Romilli (pre-alpha demo available)

    Romilli SYNOPSIS A century ago, the Sarymos family was the most powerful noble family in the kingdom of Lunosa, skilled in magic, politics, and combat. Now, the last of the family still sworn to serve them is intent on guiding the Sarymos’ last heir to take to her rightful place...after she's...
  3. K2loid

    Bug [Suggestion/Bug] Generator mask drawn improperly

    The generator eye mask is drawn over the entire eye, rather than just the iris. This is all but invisible on light & desaturated eye colours, but with dark, rich gradients............. The results speak for themselves. It's easy for me to fix this, but might be flustering for beginners who...
  4. K2loid

    MV Trinity tileset passability projects (MV/MZ)

    This is a desperately required resource as far as I can tell. MV Trinity DLC is a beast, with 24 tilesets (as opposed to the usual 4) and getting all those tilesets set up is a chore. Especially since MZ's items don't line up that well and a lot of the tilesets love adding weird little details...
  5. K2loid

    Do you find value in using default actors?

    Even if not for actual projects you promote to the public, do you like making concepts for the cast members just for the fun of it, nary an OC in sight? Personally, I get an intense rush of endorphins at the idea of having a big cast of literal actors, and when I flip through portrait assets...
  6. K2loid


    Apparently I have had an account for 2 years yet haven't posted once. I'm assuming this is for asset downloads reasons, since I do that obsessively. Didn't realize until I DID try posting and realized there's a 2 post law. Next level lurk: not even aware you're lurking at all? I'm an RPGMaker...
  7. K2loid

    Crossy's MV Thunderdome

    Who waaaaants resources! Reap the rewards of my madness. 7/31/2020 update: Completed my custom sprites, finished all 24 Actor faces, & finished editing Warm Sugar Gradients eyes to polish the file off. I've cut DS sprites; they'll return in another pack at later date. Terms of use: -Credit...

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