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  1. Tenebre

    RMMV Yanfly Class Base Parameters & Hime Parameter Tables

    Hello all, I use many Yanfly plugins, for example Yep_X_Class Base Parameters. Unfortunately I have no experience with scripting, and from this point of view I think it's not possible to add decreasing curves again (example: HP gain +10 per level until Lv. 20, then +20 until Lv. 60, then +5...
  2. Tenebre

    Credits: Need help and I've got an advice

    Hello all, I have a pretty big problem because my credit list has been lost. The advice comes now, for those who came just for that :-D Write the credits also in the database notes! For example: Skill --> Action Sequence --> Notes --> who created the sequence? Under which skill name was it...
  3. Tenebre

    Is it too late for new assets?

    Hi there, dear makers. First, english isn't my native language, so please excuse some mistakes. I need some tips from experienced makers. I've never done a game before and just got basic IT skills (no scripting). As many of you say, it's not adviced to make the first game commercial, but...

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