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  1. vindaca

    I need help with something very basic

    You have no () in you code. Try looking at the other scripts and how they are written.
  2. vindaca

    Window, Window_Base and windowskin calls

    The windowskin is split up and reasembled using rect on the original sprite and drawing it out accordingly. Honestly it seems like what you are trying to do can be done easier then how you are trying to occomplish this. The window class can be called to create any size window you want. The only...
  3. vindaca

    Window, Window_Base and windowskin calls

    That is all handled by the window class. Its not located in the scripts but rather its hidden. You can learn more about it in the built in help section but it only gives you very breif overview. It does not show what you are looking for i believe but it might help you achieve what you need.
  4. vindaca

    Getting icons to display next to actor/battler names?

    Entirely true indeed! "not when the enemy showed up or the report of winning or battle log." These are all expressed using the battle log window. "menu screen and the battle screen." By battle screen i am assuming you mean the screen that displays the enemy graphics. These are expressed with...
  5. vindaca

    Getting icons to display next to actor/battler names?

    I believe the issue is that this script only affects the message windows. If im not mistaken the battles use battle log for the texts (i.e. names, skills, all that stuff) you would need a script just to add it there. Otherwise you dont need the script offered and rather continue doing it the way...
  6. vindaca

    Stealth Script: Help me to make it work...

    Thats differant then what you said first. Try more helpful questions something as broad as "don't know how to use yet. Can anyone tell me?" can go unanwsered. Give us the error codes and maybe we can help but this post should be under script support then.(if im not mistaken). If you put your...
  7. vindaca

    Weird Glitches for Storage Boxes?

    Leave a comment on the scripts post. The writer is still active he may be able to help you. You could even PM them.
  8. vindaca

    Stealth Script: Help me to make it work...

    Did you try reading the script? Its pretty self explanatory. Theres a couple comments to leave in the events and :alt to duck. I have one to i can post monday but this will do what your asking. Just read it.
  9. vindaca

    Can anyone edit this script for me?

    Found it! Edit: Sorry! ;p' just clicking on this post and only seeing the messages on the second page. Lol. I had to do it.
  10. vindaca

    [ACE] Multi-Layer Parallax?

    Yes you are.
  11. vindaca

    Patch for V's Level Up Stats

    Im not at home but ill check into it.
  12. vindaca

    [ACE] Multi-Layer Parallax?

    You can try mine!
  13. vindaca

    Title Screen graphics appear

    My script (the one Thomas Smith linked) will do exactly what your asking and then some. If you need help i can help.
  14. vindaca

    Skillbar Style Skills

    You can do all that with my script. Thats what i had in mind making it.
  15. vindaca

    V's Custom Animated Title Scene v2.7

    Ahhh. Gottcha, i will check that out. Thank you for that nightdragon.
  16. vindaca

    V's Custom Animated Title Scene v2.7

    Im not sure how to help nightdragon. Your not giving me a lot to work with. As far as i know it should work with most mouse scripts. If anyone else has had any issues with that please chime in. Other then that, i would need at least a name for the mouse script you are using. A link would be better.
  17. vindaca

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    Thanks again. Your the best.
  18. vindaca

    V's Relationship/Bio Window v2.4

    Thank you. I hope to put out a lot more. I cant wait to get back into it. I have been so antsy. @ sixth thank you so much. Can you post that fix for me until i can update it myself?

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