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  1. romoku

    Death by having full MP

    Greetings! I recently came across a problem in my project. I was searching for a script which made it possible for specific actors to die if they reach 100% mana. However i could not find anything. I never touched the world of scripts myself so i would like to have a little help. What i need is...
  2. romoku

    VXAce Kaduki style battlers searching

    Hello! I am in a bit of a crisis here.. For my current non-commercial game i am in need of some kaduki battlers. I need the battlers for the 5-1 and 5-5 i know they have to exist as i read in some other forums. but i can not find it anywhere. (lack of googling skills :D :P ) But for the...
  3. romoku

    Vx ace RTP Emosets

    Hello everyone! I was searching far and wide everyday for rtp actors emosets i have found most of what i needed but i sitll need 2 or 3 and i didnt see them anywhere... What i am looking for is actor 5-1's emoset and 5-3's emoset. I have one for 5-5 so i know there must be one somewhere.. If...
  4. romoku

    Party skills?

    Hello! I am making a game and i am in quite a trouble. I am making a game where the battle party consists only of 2 members. And I want to have a bonus-like thing if a pair(2 correct members) is fighting. I want to either have an aura like thing or a skill that can only be used if the condition...

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