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  1. Ruth Studio

    Event mirror player movement

    Hey! Working on a puzzle idea. I created a parallel event with conditional branch with key press check. I was able to get it to work for the most part, however there is a bit of a lag on the event movement when pressing a button down. Wasn’t sure if adding a key press script would help remove...
  2. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Simplifying Scripts Plugin

    I am working on a simple plugin for myself to create easy to call scripts in my game. So far, I got Event X & Y to work. I was working doing the same for Variables. However, I am having some issue so I thought I would reach out to the experts.
  3. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Adding Text to Window

    Not sure what I am missing. I am able to get the window to add to the screen, however, I am unable to add the text to the window that is being populated. That sure what I am missing.
  4. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Menu Command Window

    I've been working on customizing the menu screen. I've been reviewing the code in both the Scenes and Windows pages. I was seeing if there was a way to keep the Menu Command status remain persistent as I browse through the item window?
  5. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Creating Custom Menu

    I am in the process of creating a detective game and I want to change the menu system. I have looked around for plugins, but may want to code menu myself. Here is a crude image of what I was thinking. Instead of clicking item and it'll take you to another window, I would like it to display on...
  6. Ruth Studio

    How many "Or" statements can RPG Maker handle?

    I am having fun with the engine, coming up with a Clue style game. I am having 6 murder weapons, so I am designating each NPC member a "card". I created an if statement to check if the variables match. If any of the variables match then it will loop until it has its own individual number...
  7. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Attack Display text in battle screen

    I was looking through the code trying to find the display text. I know in the battle screen, it displays your actions and damage for a split second. Is there anyway to change the split second display to maybe 2 seconds?
  8. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Window Party Command& Battle Status troubles

    I am in the process of changing the Party Command window by creating a quasi plugin. All I really did was change Party command from a row format to column. When I did that, the Battle Status Window disappeared. Reaching out to the community to find out why. I attached the changes to the code.
  9. Ruth Studio

    Evasion and Hit Rate Calculation

    I am looking for the Evasion Rate and Hit rate calculation within the code. I want to get a understanding how the engine calculates these rate, better yet where to find the calculation within the code and manipulate the calculation.
  10. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Yanfly ATB > Draw Rectangle Help

    Hello Everyone, I am taking an effort in learning JavaScript. One of which I want to create a static hollow rectangle around a gauge like so in Yanfly's ATB Plugin:
  11. Ruth Studio

    State Damage

    I've been prototyping a game where the player goes out West, on a Trail, with multiple party members, where death is around every corner. The game is on a loop with the player moving left. One issue I am having is the State Damage. I can add States to the players randomly. However I don't...
  12. Ruth Studio

    How to Get Away with a Fan Game

    I'm in a pre-development stage of creating a sequel to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. I've been mirroring many mechanics of the game ie weapon swapping in battle, auto-equip, linear world map and etc. I know some will say this is the worst in the Final Fantasy series. I would say that opinion is...
  13. Ruth Studio

    Dynamic Item Cap

    Hey everyone, I am aware of yanfly item Cap limit. I understand you can just add a fixed number. Is there a way to customize this? For an example, if the player is level 2 therefore the new Max will be change to 2. It'll increase as your level increases. I think I tried everything with no...
  14. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Point and Click Idea

    Hey Gals and Guys, I'm in the process of making a point and click adventure game much like the SCUMM days. I've spent a few days tweaking the RPG Maker code to make this happen. So far I'm pretty happy with the results and may begin writing a story for a top down point and click adventure...
  15. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Color Palettes and Tilesets

    Hey Everyone, I'm in the pre-production stage of a monster taming game that I am creating. The skills have been created along with some monsters. I am using the Time Fantasy tilesets for now. I am not 100% sold on using Time Fanstasy tilesets but we'll as I plan along. I would love to use...
  16. Ruth Studio

    Battle System

    Hey Everyone, I'm making a Pokemon-ish game. I have a few monsters set up, and the PC storage system is functional. Now I'm moving to the battle system. I've been studying the Pokemon trading card battle system. I've also looked at the traditional Gameboy Pokemon battpe system which there is...
  17. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Reserve Party Storage

    Hey Everyone, I need help with some eventing. I'm creating a Pokemon like battle system. So far I've been I've been able to switch characters, switch characters after death in battle. My last hurdle is capping the main party at 6. My idea is if character count > 6 then send excess character...
  18. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Magic Masters:Necromancer's Apprentice

    Magic Masters: Necromancer's Apprentice Summary Story Battle Mechanics Music Screenshots
  19. Ruth Studio

    RMMV Revenge of the Ghost Strippers (Demo Available)

    Quick disclaimer, I wouldn’t say this is an adult game per se. Though I wouldn’t let kids play this game or play this game at work, these will be no strong overtones of sex and nudity. After watching a slew of B-List movies, and watching an interview with Thunder Levin (writer of Sharknado), I...
  20. Ruth Studio

    RMMV We Few - Prototype

    I want to undertake in creating my first Commercial Game. As I'm bouncing off ideas I wanted to reach out to the RPG Maker community. My hopes are to have it out in January 2019 on sites like and Steam. I think it would be an accomplishment to get the game on with their...

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