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  1. MelowBee

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Easter special!]

    The cage is cute, somehow x)   Mh let me see...why not do things related to the season? Like toys for the beach, summer clothes or summer food? 
  2. MelowBee

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Easter special!]

    Great job again ^^  Um... Can I suggest you to make cupcakes? Why not one with banana flavor, one rainbow flavor and one red fruits flavor? 
  3. MelowBee

    Pixel-Z recruitment

    Hello ToastGoblin ^^ I would just want to know (and probably some other people too) what kind of concep art do you want. In pixel art? Painting? Vector? Have you any reference of what you have in mind?
  4. MelowBee

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Easter special!]

    @Avery, I feel that you are more comfortable for the little icons than large icons. Did you find large sizes hardest to do? However, this remains a very good job! (personally I prefer your small icons but it's just my personal taste xD)
  5. MelowBee

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Easter special!]

    All of this gallery is a beautiful spectacle for eyes!  Very good work, I can't wait to see your future babies <3
  6. MelowBee

    This title is not original at all, but, eh...

    Well let me see... It's rather for the community,  for having some feedback, etc. Maybe I should post in the "Art, Literature and Music" section first?
  7. MelowBee

    This title is not original at all, but, eh...

    Thank you ^^ Ah by the way, I have some work to show but I don't really know where to post (I'm afraid of making a mistake). Someone could guide me, please?
  8. MelowBee

    This title is not original at all, but, eh...

    So yes, I'm not good for this kind of thing. And I'm even less talented to introduce myself, yaaaaaay! Well... I'm MelowBee, a French girl (sorry in advance for verbal/grammatical mistakes) who like drawing bishonen and cute girls, play DDR and otomegames. Um what else... I'm not familliar with...

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