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  1. FreakyFreya

    Chakram Weapon Sprite for MV?

    Sadly I couldn't get a good Chakram going.. It's much harder than the swords I'm used to.
  2. FreakyFreya

    Recruitment for an Exploration Based Loot Game

    Hello, I am Freya. I am working on what hopes to be a cool little game. It's based on loot collection, exploration, and finding new quests, dungeons and fun little things around the world. I'm really passionate about the game so far, even if we're not using tons of custom made art. There are two...
  3. FreakyFreya

    Boomerang Icon for MV

    Yup! If you need any icons added to a set feel free to DM me though :)))
  4. FreakyFreya

    Chakram Weapon Sprite for MV?

    I also would like this. Might do it myself. Will post if nobody else does.
  5. FreakyFreya

    Boomerang Icon for MV

    Ah! You beat me to it Archeia. And I just finished it too!
  6. FreakyFreya

    Boomerang Icon for MV

    I can do it for you if you'd like.

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