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  1. Mesajia

    Heroine Character Generator no ressources

    Hello together, I bought the Heroine Character Generator DLC a few months ago via Steam and tried to redownload it several times. But the issue is still the same: There are only three files in the folder. gradients.png, Heroine Character Generator DLC - EULA and ヒロインキャラクタージェネレーター_はじめにお読みください (my...
  2. Mesajia

    Checking Actors Parameters in Conditional Branch (Solved)

    Hello everybody, I want to check an actors parameter in a Conditional Branch and used a Script Call to check this. But it doesn't seem to work for me. I'm not the best in eventing, specially with Skript Calls, so it would be cool, if someone could take a look. I also tried Variations with <=...
  3. Mesajia

    Mesajia's GenParts (RTP Edits and Originals) (Updated 03/28/18)

    Hello together, I want to share some smaller edits with you. Since I'm not good enough to make my own, they are quite basic. But I hope some of you need them aswell :) Since these are mostly edits from the RTP you must credit Kadokawa. If you want to, you can also credit me as Mesajia. You can...
  4. Mesajia

    Autorun on scriptcall?

    Hey everybody, I wanted to ask if there's a script call, which checks if an autorun event is running? I want to create a Hud with SumRndmDde's Hud Maker, which indicates that the player can't move at the moment. Thank you :)
  5. Mesajia

    MV Standing Torches

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for some standing torches for an evening scene at the docks. I'm not a good pixler so I hope, that someone do that for me. They don't have to glow - that's something I can do by my own. But if you have a special look in your mind, please feel free to do that. It would...
  6. Mesajia

    Inking the screen black

    Hey everybody, I have a little problem with my project. Currently I'm working at the Intro and after the title screen the screen should stay black. So I tried the event option "Fadeout Screen" (I have the german version, there it's called "Bildschirm ausblenden". No idea what's called in the...
  7. Mesajia

    Mesajias RTP-Edits

    Hey everybody, I decided to share some of my future RTP-edits with you in the hope, that they will come in handy for someone. At first I want to two divided Tilesets for Winter and Summer. You can now simply copy your map and exchange the C-E file for the season you want. As you can see...
  8. Mesajia

    MV Baroque-styled tiles

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description:  I'm looking for some Baroque-styled buildings. The MV-RTP offers no matching windows or ornaments. I guess I can edit the premade walls by myself, but if you fell to make a whole set i would be very thankful. ...
  9. Mesajia

    How to name Generator parts

    Hey everybody, I wonder under which conditions I should name the Generator Parts. Is it for example possible to change the p01 to something like "maiden dress"? And can someone explain me the naming pattern of the different parts? Greetings
  10. Mesajia

    Round mountains

    Hey everybody, there is a thing that bothered me in VX (Ace) where I hoped I will have another option in MV. These unnatural edgy mountains! It would be super nice, when someone can round them a little bit. Greetings, Mesajia

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