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  1. Kokoro Hane

    Wedding veil (MV)

    So I already found a lovely wedding dress edit for the generator by emkat93 and thought it'd be really nice to have an option for a wedding veil in the generator as well (under accessory I assume). Preferably two versions; a full veil where it covers the face (if possible) and then a veil where...
  2. Kokoro Hane

    Wings for child generator? [MV]

    So I finally bought the child generator add-on pack for MV, and was disappointed that they didn't have wings or best ears/tails. Now I know one of the ReStaff packs add beast ears/tails for kids so I'll be checking that out there, but is there anywhere that has wings for the child generator...
  3. Kokoro Hane

    Do you like to make dev challenges for yourself?

    Maybe it's just me, but I like the idea of giving myself some "challenges" when I make certain games, just to try something out for fun. Some of these challenges can be very silly (most of the time) and some could be personal challenges of something I have always wanted to do in a game but how...
  4. Kokoro Hane

    Having light around player (and NPCs)?

    I was wondering, how to add light around a player character, and also if this were possible to add light around NPCs as well? I want it to be where say, in the story a player character lights a candle or torch of an NPC, so now the NPC has the same light around them to show they are carrying...
  5. Kokoro Hane

    Side facing chests for MV?

    Has anyone made any chest edits for MV where the chests are facing right or left? It'd be nice to have some variety of where the chests are facing. If you know of any that'd be great! Thank you!
  6. Kokoro Hane

    RMMV Can you specify a skill for BattleVoice?

    I just discovered MV came with a BattleVoice plugin, which is something I need for a game I am making (I was just gonna add the battle calls to every unique character skill, I did it with only one skill as a test). I feel like this plugin would be much more efficient, the only issue is when I...
  7. Kokoro Hane

    How to make a teleport item in 2k3?

    I am trying to figure out how do you make a teleport item in 2003. I've seen it done before, but not sure how to achieve this. I want an item when used it will teleport you to a certain location when used. Unlike newer makers, there seem s to be no way to make an item trigger a common event...
  8. Kokoro Hane

    What is the XP windowskin size?

    Hello! My apologies if this is an obvious and stupid question, but I want to customize the windowskin for XP, but what size does the graphic need to be? I have no idea how to access the RTP to check it myself. Also, how would you add the new windowskin to the system? Thanks in advanced!
  9. Kokoro Hane

    Personal dev "shortcuts"

    I thought this would be a fun topic to discuss! When you start a new project, do you have any personal "shortcuts" so to speak on a certain aspect of the game to make diving into the meat of everything quicker? Something already pre-prepared that would otherwise be super tedious? Whether you...
  10. Kokoro Hane

    RMVXA Maze For You [One Map Challenge][Fully Voiced]

    Have you heard of that far off country So grand and green With flourishing crops, And abundance of seeds? Perhaps you have, but... ...have you heard of its demise? SYNOPSIS FEATURES: SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD GameJolt Mirror...
  11. Kokoro Hane

    Have not received my download yet after purchase

    Hi! I just ordered the standalone version of RPG Maker MV (I own the Steam one but I wanted the standalone since it was on sale so I don't have to always use Steam). But I have not received an e-mail with my download nor the DEGICA receipt. I did receive my PayPal receipt but not DEGICA or the...
  12. Kokoro Hane

    Do I have to include an .m4a double for all audio for a Mac build?

    Hi! I notice every sound and music has an .m4a copy, and I was wondering if I need .m4a copies of every sound and music track I add to my projects for it to play on Mac? I have not heard any complaints of not hearing the voice acting and stuff, then again, Mac builds aren't downloaded very often...
  13. Kokoro Hane

    RMMV RE/COUNT RE:VERSE [Full Version out!][Voice Acted]

    Ranked an overall #28 out of 72 entries for "So Bad, It's Good!" Jam 2020 (#5 for sound, #3 for Overall Good, and #68 for Overall Bad) STORY "It was impossible....!" "Hmmm.... challenge accepted." SYNOPSIS Meet Historia, a rekishi otaku who works as a caregiver at an elderly boarding house...
  14. Kokoro Hane

    [ FIXED] A full party when there shouldn't be! PLEASE HELP!

    I am making a new game in MV and there is a really weird error I do not understand. I only have one party member (and she is even set as the starting party, only her, no one else). I cleared out all the default characters in the "Actors" list, as I have normally done in the past and set the...
  15. Kokoro Hane

    That feeling of loss (of a game project)

    Well, to much disappointment, some unfinished RPG Maker projects I used to have seem to be missing. My brain recalls backing it up somewhere, but perhaps either I really didn't or deleted it from said back up, not sure which. I checked all my flashdrives, even booted up one of my older...
  16. Kokoro Hane

    What is the size of XP battle portraits?

    What is the image size for the battle portraits of characters (what you see of your party when you are in battle) for RPG Maker XP? I can't seem to find any example sheets. I would like to know if I ever want custom ones. Thank you!
  17. Kokoro Hane

    FREE Rebellion of Gilfer's Bay ACT 1|| Male & Female voices needed!

    Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Synopsis: ROLES NEEDED: MY ROLES/POSITION: Mapper, eventer, writer, director, voice actress HOW TO AUDITION & DEADLINE: Thank you, and I look forward to your audition! Also note whilst this is ACT 1 auditions, most them will reappear in ACT 2, but the ACT 1...
  18. Kokoro Hane

    RMVXA Final Pirate Haven: Rebellion of Gilfer's Bay

    The upcoming sequel to Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale..... Moses Reeve is the son of two pirates, the laid back Bobby and the broom-wielding Callie. He wishes to live up to his parents' name, but is always failing epically at the mercy of his trainer, Jina. With more pirates pouring...
  19. Kokoro Hane

    RMMV JOURNEY OF THE SCROLL [Ver2.2][Voice Acted][Free]

    > Download for Win/Mac/Lin from GameJolt < > Download for Windows/Mac/Linux at < SYNOPSIS FEATURES What's New In V2? SCREENSHOTS - LE CREDITS - - DEV NOTES - Did you catch all the subtle nods to Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale? This game contains silly to mildly...
  20. Kokoro Hane

    FREE M & F voice actors needed for RPG Maker MV game

    ROLES HAVE BEEN FILLED The cast are as follows... Queen Gale - Angela Tran Prince Jared - Dylan Wheeler Ni'Ana - Carmilla Jo The actor for Leo'Dan has yet to confirm role. Will update later on this. ENGINE: RPG Maker MV SYNOPSIS: MY ROLE(S)/POSITION: Mapper, eventer, writer, voice...

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