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  1. AzraelAstaroth7425

    RMMV Import Custom stats from subclass's Class page notetag for bobstats

    Is there away to import bobstats info from class notetags when a main class that dont have any custom stats to inherit them from there subclasses. dont know if its possible. without it, the main class can not use the subclasses extra stats to its fullest...
  2. AzraelAstaroth7425

    RMMV [Solved]Need help getting Himeworks Parameter table to work with yanfly subclass

    I can get himeworks parameter tables to work with actor with a primary class that has parameter tables in a class notetag, but i cant seem to make this configuration of having 1 actor and 1 class without a parameter table to pick up a sub class's parameter table within that class notetag with...

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