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  1. Astfgl66

    Icon Captions

    Icon Captions In menu: In battle: This does what it says on the tin: it creates captions for your icons so you can show some extra info to the player when they hover over icons. Download: How to use: Download, save it as IconCaptions.js, import in your project, setup the parameters. Once...
  2. Astfgl66

    Shield and Break system (Octopath traveler)

    Shield and Break system from Octopath traveler. By Astfgl Credits: Yanfly Requirements: Yanfly's Core Engine, Battle Engine Core and Element core. Recommended Buffs and States Core. What it does: This plugin creates a shield counter for enemies or actors. This shield counter is set to a...
  3. Astfgl66

    RMMV IGMC Reviews by Astfgl66

    Hi everyone! I've decided to play a few entries of the IGMC and thought I'd share my reviews for your reading pleasure. Just text, no video. I'm going to try to keep them spoiler free. Please don't send me review requests: I don't know how many I'll review. I have no entry for this contest so...
  4. Astfgl66

    Animated busts and picture based animations.

    Animated busts. Hi everyone! This small plugin was made to handle animated busts, but can be generalized to make picture based animations. Features: Create picture based animations and synchronize them to the message window, for easy speaking animations. Any number of frames supported...
  5. Astfgl66

    Actor AI

    Astfgl's Programmable Actor AI Hi everyone! This plugin is an addon to Yanfly's Battle AI Core. I've always found the autobattle AI to be really bad. So first I created a way to extend yanfly's battle AI core to actors, then took things further and made a custom scene to allow the player to...
  6. Astfgl66

    Team Licenses or Individual?

    So I got the other thread locked, sorry about that. I should have known better. My question is: In the case of working as a team who has to have a license? Does everyone have to or just one member of a team? What about people who don't even do in editor work, do they have own a license too...
  7. Astfgl66

    Yanfly Battle AI Core extension: Buffs

    Astfgl's YBAICExtension: Buffs Hi everyone! This small plugin is an addon for Yanfly's battle AI core. I make pretty extensive use of it for my current project, and noticed the ability to check the target for buffs or debuffs was missing, thus this plugin was born. Features: Allows...
  8. Astfgl66

    Random Loot

    Astfgl's Random loot Hi everyone! This simple plugin was made to handle random loot and its display. I've seen the request for such a system pop up a few times and, although this can be evented to a certain degree, I thought a plugin could help. Features: From user defined loot tables, give...
  9. Astfgl66

    Quick Time Events (R2 26/11)

    QTE Window Hi everyone! This plugins aims to allow you to create QTE's on the map scene or on the battle scene. Inately via events but using other plugins such as action sequences, as a condition to skill cast. Version RC2: Some code...
  10. Astfgl66

    Quick Time Events (Beta3 14/11 - Ocarina + Battle functions)

    QTEWindow     Hello everyone! This plugins aims to allow you to create QTE's on the map scene or on the battle scene. Inately via common events but using other plugins such as action sequences, as a condition to skill cast. UPDATE:  BETA 3 New way to draw the QTE...
  11. Astfgl66

    Astfgl66's Submission: The laboratory

    The Laboratory Hello Everyone! This is my entry for the learning together game jam.  I know submissions end on the 3rd, but I won't be able to do major work on it, so If you try it and break it before the 3rd, tell me and I'll try to fix it, but if nothing major occurs this is the final...
  12. Astfgl66

    Flat stat bonus states (R2 24/11)

    Astfgl's Flat stat bonus states: This is a small plugin that allows you to use notetags to give flat stats bonuses using states (instead of percentage based). Version2: Added possibilty to refer to the affected character's own parameters when making a notetag. Features: Use...
  13. Astfgl66

    Drawing text using a picture

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to draw text on the map. I did it by using a picture: here is how I do it: Get the picture id Create a new bitmap for the picture if there is none. The bitmap will be the size of the screen. Display the picture at 0,0 Modify the picture bitmap by first...
  14. Astfgl66

    [Event making] Script box functions [V 0.7, 09/07/2016]

    Script box functions v0.7 by Astfgl66 Everyone does event making. While most needs are met by the basic functions provided in editor, some are not. Have you ever tried giving an item to the party by id instead of the drop down menu? That's right you can't. You have to use the script...
  15. Astfgl66

    Changing "script call" event command syntax

    Hello everyone! I just bought MV during the sale this week end and tried some eventing. However, it turns out I had been spoiled by RPGMaker Extender in VXACE, especially by the ease of calling variables during script calls: \V[] instead of $gameVariables[]. I searched for something similar...
  16. Astfgl66

    (Ruby) Deleting values from an array at a dynamic index

    Hi everyone! I figured that despite the fact the system is evented the question was closer to programming than to eventing so i should post it in the scripting boards (i figured that in the normal support boards almost no one would know what an array is...). I apologize if i was wrong to do...

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