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  1. Executable for...?

    A standard RPG Maker game (standard in that I am not skilled enough to do anything unusual in this regard) is executable for what platforms? (See screenshot for purpose.)
  2. Attacks enabled by weapons equiped

    I am finding this unexpectedly difficult to accomplish for some reason, but I cannot think of anything I have not yet tried. Basically, I would like certain ultimate attacks enabled by equiping a character's ultimate weapon, like "wide shot" enabled by "wide spray" nozzle, and "mist" enabled by...
  3. RMVXA Fire rescue game (less than half-hour long)

    So this is my work in progress which is still rough around the edges. It is, however, possible to reach the end of this game in less than half an hour. The battles err on the side of being too easy since I find balancing...
  4. Non-English games

    I don't know if this is the best forum to post such a question, but I cannot see anything better. I was just wondering where one could find games made in languages other than English. Is there a collective space for such entries? While some like to practice their English, why should some of us...
  5. Three different questions (newer ones than before)

    Now for a problem that I have no idea how to resolve: Multiple kinds of "death", such as "arrest" and "extinguish" that are enemy-specific. How can one make it such that one can only "arrest" robbers and "extinguish" fires and not vice-versa? I would like to assign such roles to my party...
  6. Three different questions

    Firstly, for no reason I can discern, all attacks in battle miss. Neither the player's party nor the enemy can inflict any damage. I gave everyone a TGR 100% parameter to see if that would help, but it did not. Secondly, I am trying to make a moving block puzzle in which one must simply switch...
  7. Youngest possible age for an RPG

    I was thinking of making an RPG for my young cousin who just turned 4. His interests right now primarily revolve around firefighters and firetrucks, and I was thinking of designing a very simple RPG based on this. Then I got around to thinking that he cannot read, yet. Once he learns to read...
  8. Interacting with objects

    This should be an obvious one, so if one could give a rather detailed explanation of how to interact with, say, a stove or a picture, I am sure I can pick out of it the one piece I am somehow missing, because I expect to be able to do something like this rather easily. I already can create...
  9. Free items with every purchase of another

    Is it possible to have such bundles sold in shops?
  10. Item transformation upon consumption

    Is it possible to make an item that upon consumption replaces itself with another item in one's inventory? For example, an empty bottle in place of the bottle whose contents were just consumed.
  11. Limits on LITE

    When we say "20 maps maximum", does this mean per project or per installed software package?
  12. Selecting for cutting, copying, pasting, and other purposes

    As far as I can see, one can only place new tiles in a given location since a tile to place is always on hand whether or not we want. What is there to cut, copy, or paste in this case? Advice on how to properly select (and deselect) would be appreciated.
  13. Bottoms of database and script editors off screen on my laptop

    This appears to be a major hinderance if I cannot see the whole dialog box for these just because of my laptop and the resolution with which it comes.

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