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  1. A door with many keys?

    @Andar So, I don't remember touching Common Events in any way, shape or form. But, guess where I found it :kaoangry: Thank you for all your help despite my lack of comprehension!:kaocry: Sorry it took so long, it seems to be working now!
  2. A door with many keys?

    @Andar These are the only other place where the variables are mentioned in any way.
  3. A door with many keys?

    @Andar As I said in previous posts, when the item goes down, all of that works fine. What happens is, once the deed is done and the switch gets activated, I lose all control of the player character. There's no way to screenshot it because everything looks perfectly normal. It even animates...
  4. A door with many keys?

    @Kupotepo Second and third pages are literally just: "If this switch is active, say this" I put the check for if the switch is active under the conditions bar on the left and unless that's also a coding mistake somehow...
  5. A door with many keys?

    This is my current code. it works for MisterChicken. I just need it to also work for MisterSnuggles.
  6. A door with many keys?

    @Kupotepo I'm sure that works wonderful magic and I'm thankful for it but the key doesn't go into the door, the key is something placed onto a switch so the door becomes unlocked in another part of the same map.
  7. A door with many keys?

    @Kupotepo Unlock. Also, for some reason, adding an extra line of dialogue after the code makes it progress past the freeze... Squinting really hard at my editor now because I DID try that before.... EDIT: NEVERMIND, it only fixed itself for MisterChicken and not MisterSnuggles. It still freezes...
  8. A door with many keys?

    @Andar Thank you very much for that explanation. Unfortunately, even using it, my game doesn't do anything after putting the item in place. I really don't understand. The game runs perfectly fine, I get to the menus, I select the items alright, the image appears at the event location properly...
  9. A door with many keys?

    @mathmaster74 Yes, I did while testing out the Conditional Choice+ plugin. It made no difference. I added that line after testing without it and it did much the same thing.
  10. A door with many keys?

    @Kupotepo That looks like it'll help a lot in streamlining the code but sadly my event still freezes at the end. :kaocry: It seems to be some issue with exiting out of the event (I could be wrong though)
  11. A door with many keys?

    It does make sense, in fact it looks very similar to what I did in fact do but that didn't work so I tried a few other variations and I- Well, I'm honestly kind of sad now. I'd love to get it working soon.
  12. A door with many keys?

    Yes! Sorry. Here you go (I'll update the main post, too.)
  13. A door with many keys?

    Hello, I'm new to rmmv and trying to make a small game for a friend (And for practice) using no plugins or outside scripts. What gave me an issue was when I tried to make a locked door with two possible keys. Both keys are supposed to work. But, the key the player uses will change the story down...

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