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  1. Aranel

    Force Action command and animation

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to have my main character use commands that will make the other characters use a specific skill. I let the skill call a common event, which let's the 3 other party members use a unique attack skill, by "force action: character X, unique skill, random". This all works...
  2. Aranel

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    * Crocodile dundee voice: you call that a small pub? THIS is a small pub! ps: how to you hide content?
  3. Aranel

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Thanks, I've edited it, and while I still think it lacks compared to my home village, I can live with this now! :)
  4. Aranel

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    This lake village is my latest addition to my game, but I feel somethings not right... any tips? there's only one shipyeard since there's only one other town on the lake the commute with, and that's the only means of contact with the rest of the continent. (as you can see on the lower part of...
  5. Aranel

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @lilyWhite  that empty space is where the players come out from after jumping down the rabbit hole and running through the dungeon. I guess I could alter it so they'll come out on top of the cliffs, but I think For the moment I'll leave it like that. Thanks for the advice anyway :)
  6. Aranel

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Hey there! I started RPG Maker a while ago, and I'm currently working on designing areas. In the image you can see one of the first area's you'll encounter. I hope to create all area's in somewhat the same quality. My problem: I'm thinking of having the world map as just a map, because it...

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