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  1. Shiro-chan

    Damage based on status effect

    if b.state?([state x]);[damage formula from state];else;[other damage formula];end [state x] is your state you want, like how 2 is by default Poisoned etc [damage formula from state] is what you want if the target is under the state [other damage formula] is what you want if they aren't Note...
  2. Shiro-chan

    Checking enemy's troop size

    $game_variables[x] = $game_troop.members.size Replace x with a variable of your choice. If you want to interact with this, remember that some parts of the engine count the first member as member 0 (so a troop with 8 enemies would actually mean that the 7th is the last), so for those cases you...
  3. Shiro-chan

    Enemies are curing the same ally

    ##Small fixes by Lone Wolf ##Randomized Enemy Self-Targeting # By default, enemy actions set to target a member of their own group will # always, without exception, target the last enemy in the list, making buffs # and healing commands essentially worthless when given to groups of enemies. #...
  4. Shiro-chan

    Music and sounds

    Check the calls of those sounds, you may have set the wrong volumes. Alternatively it could be an issue with the actual files being badly sampled, not using the maximum possible volume compared to other files that do and thus are quieter by default. Are you using any scripts related to sound...
  5. Shiro-chan

    Aliment Guard has zero effect

    If that's all you would like to know, please report your first post with the reason "Resolved".
  6. Shiro-chan

    Aliment Guard has zero effect

    Remove all of these (see pics) and then try again. As for the status fading away, you need different settings.
  7. Shiro-chan

    Target any one actor or enemy

    Hello, I want to make a skill that heals a target but also applies a bad status effect. Due to these properties, it would make sense that any enemy or actor can be picked as the target. But VX Ace has exclusivity regarding that, only allowing either enemies or actors to pick, but not anyone. Is...
  8. Shiro-chan

    Is there a way to change the game icon without hacking?

    I asked about this in a different thread and was recommended a program called Resource Hacker. It worked very well for and I recommend doing this because it adds a nice touch of personality for your game.
  9. Shiro-chan

    Character fade in?

    Personally I would set the event in question into a place outside the visible space of the map, next run an event scene that first makes the event 0 opacity and THEN teleports the event to the desired location. After that you can run your movement route going 31, 63, 95, 127, 159, 191, 223, 255...
  10. Shiro-chan

    How do i make a "Death Countdown" Status in battle?

    The simplest option would be to make it something that is checked every turn via troops. Have your skill apply the counter status ("Doomed" maybe) with whatever probability you want, then run a Common Event off of the skill to check. If any target has the status Doomed, also apply "Perish". Then...
  11. Shiro-chan

    Script Call Support Boards

    Hello, I'm trying to add/remove skills dynamically from enemies for use in battle (if it can only be done before a battle, that would still be sufficient). Yes, I know I could use the native conditions such as status effects, but that won't help in this case, and I know it's possible to change...
  12. Shiro-chan

    Collapse effect doesn't work from applied status

    ...Oh, how silly of me. Yes, that was in fact the case. Thank you very much.
  13. Shiro-chan

    Collapse effect doesn't work from applied status

    Hello, I have a problem that is probably... odd. I tried making an enemy that has two different effects for the collapse effect (boss and instant, respectively). So I deleted the entry from the enemy itself and instead coded it via troop to apply the respective states. Problem is that this...
  14. Shiro-chan

    Issue with Cutscene?

    The easiest way is that you do the following: -increase the size of your starting map to the east by at least a factor of 2 -fill out all the new space with a tile that is perfectly black (if your starting map does not use any parallax, the tiles can be left empty as well) -put your main...
  15. Shiro-chan

    Gimp objects not lining up with default image on map.

    It's actually 4 pixels, at least in VX Ace. It might be more in MV/MZ though.
  16. Shiro-chan

    Is VX Ace still worth it now?

    If you make a new project, I'd recommend starting in MZ. VX Ace is great, but it's also aging and on some systems it's already stopping to work correctly. MZ can be changed to support a tilesize of 64x64 with a plugin, so you can theoretically use Ace's assets (which are intended for 32x32)...
  17. Shiro-chan

    Did this have an 'options' menu in-game?

    You are correct. Neither sound nor anything else really can be set, this will have to be "enabled" with scripts.
  18. Shiro-chan

    Quest gives reward before completion?

    You have the "include equipment" box checked and, since you said you are very new and thus likely haven't done any removal of default assets, this probably means you have the default character Eric in the party... who happens to come equipped with that particular weapon. I suggest you change it...
  19. Shiro-chan

    reduce file size?

    For .png files specifically, I use PNGGauntlet, which is a program made to compress the images. For one of the games I work on, it helped reduce the filesize by about 35-40Megabyte. But note it's a pretty processor-intensive task, so it will take quite some time if you want to compress everything.
  20. Shiro-chan

    Event touch not working properly

    Why is your movement thing in an Autorun instead of a separate Parallel Process page? Also, you can just use random movement in the actual events.

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