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  1. Different resolution for title screen and in the game itself (black bars)

    Hello :) I haven't found a plugin for my problem yet. The game should start and be played on the full screen. The problem that arises from this is a too large map. The view in the game itself should therefore be restricted by the black bars, as if you were playing on the default resolution...
  2. Iavra Video Title (Updated Version) - Scaling Problems

    I use the Lavra Video Title Plugin (But the Updated Version from Cr1tical). Board Link Pastebin Link The Problem: The Scaling is wrong. It gives me a black border every time. A working scaling is of course nice, unfortunately I don't know how to fix it or how to remove the faulty scaling...
  3. Projects dont save Changes after PC was in Sleep Mode

    Hey, blank Project - After my PC was in Sleep-Mode for longer Time (7hours or more) the Projects dont saving the Changes. Saving works only after Restart RPG Maker MV. For me personally super annoying. Can someone help me with the problem, please? Note: The RPG Maker is not on the Windows HDD
  4. Moghunter Plugin Problems

    Hey, I tried to connect the plugins from "Moghunter Master Demo" with the Chrono Engine. Unfortunately I get error messages when trying. Please note the screenshot. I also noticed that the Chrono Enginge has Weather_EX, but an older version. Do you have an idea what i can do there? Extra...
  5. Problem with building a Puzzle

    Hello, I want to recreate this puzzle: Unfortunately I have difficulties with the performance. All blocks are movable and have to "recognize" each other. So even if a certain block is 2 fields next to it. Does anyone have...

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