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  1. wbthehero

    RMMV How to change the battle style mid game

    so, in my game i am creating you travel though different dimensions and each time you do that the battle switches back and forth between the first person and the 3rd person styles but i can't figure out how to do that. I've tried different plugins but they all Gitch the game so it can't read for...
  2. wbthehero

    trying to make a undertale fangame inside rpg xp

    ive ben looking for a while but found nothing about how to make a ut fangame in rpg xp but only in mv witch i did not get due to its very exspensive price point of 80$ so im stuck trying to find a ut enginge for rpg xp to help with this simular to pkm esentrals but for ut eny help would be good...
  3. wbthehero

    Trying to install rpg maker xp not from steam.

    So I purchased rpg maker xp on steam but steam is not supported by older windows versions so I want to download it from the website of rpg maker but it says I have to buy it again how do I get around this?here is the proof I own the game on steam. I hope someone could help get this to download...
  4. wbthehero

    makeing custom tilesets and other things for my game

    hello i am makeing a game from rpg maker xp and i was wondering how to make a custom tileset basically use the pre installed ones but give them a red tint Kinda like underfell but using the main graphics for a hard mode in the game and also how to make the 3 modes easy medium and hard. i wanted...
  5. wbthehero

    what is a safe app to make sprites for rpg maker xp?

    hello ive ben searching for a safe free app to make custom sprites for rpg maker xp because i cant make good sprites in apps like paint and others i need the interface where you have the character and you puit on the cosmetic items like the custamizer in rpg maker mv i think it was when i tried...

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