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  1. Shiro-chan

    Target any one actor or enemy

    Hello, I want to make a skill that heals a target but also applies a bad status effect. Due to these properties, it would make sense that any enemy or actor can be picked as the target. But VX Ace has exclusivity regarding that, only allowing either enemies or actors to pick, but not anyone. Is...
  2. Shiro-chan

    Collapse effect doesn't work from applied status

    Hello, I have a problem that is probably... odd. I tried making an enemy that has two different effects for the collapse effect (boss and instant, respectively). So I deleted the entry from the enemy itself and instead coded it via troop to apply the respective states. Problem is that this...
  3. Shiro-chan

    Problem with Hime - Custom Equip Types

    Hello, I have a problem with Hime's script "Custom Equip Types". The script (links here for core and here the actual script) allows modifying, adding, removing etc equipment slots to go above or below the default 5 (1 weapon and 4 armour), but as far as I can tell, it's still only possible to...
  4. Shiro-chan

    A status effect that restricts move, but chance-based

    Hello, I have been thinking about adding a new status effect to our game. It's called "Fearful" and it would work similar to the Stun status effect in that it causes the "Cannot move" restriction (i.e. an affected player character or enemy cannot do any action for any given turn if they are...
  5. Shiro-chan

    [Galv] Character Effects Bug/Question

    Hello, I have been messing around with the Character Effects script by Galv. Link: Now my problem is regarding the reflection options. The script natively allows changing a character's reflection, except this is a permanent change. I like...
  6. Shiro-chan

    Shiro-chan's Robolieve it... or not

    I had a look through the default MZ battlers, and the Slaughterrobot (sic) bothered me a bit - it has no less than 4 missile launcher boxes on it in addition to 2 gatling guns and another missile launcher that seems to fire Hydra 70s. It's a bit overkill, so I removed the 4 missile launchers and...
  7. Shiro-chan

    Erasing events on map to reduce lag?

    I've tried using the scriptcall $[event_id].erase with a variable that runs in a loop to erase all 999 events on my test map, but even after they are all gone, the FPS counter is stuck at near-unusable levels. I was hoping erasing the events would actually tell the game to stop...
  8. Shiro-chan

    Force enemy to perform action on specific actor

    Hello, I have the following situation: -an enemy can perform a scan on one/two of the party's actors (out of a maximum of four) via a decision-making process: --if only one actor is available/alive, the enemy simply copies that actor's skill via the scan and then performs the skill itself (say a...
  9. Shiro-chan

    [VXA] Change skill animation based on amount of enemies

    Hello, our game has a character with several skills that affect all enemies. Since we use Yanfly Engine Ace and Yanfly Ace Battle Engine (, repeated animations don't display if the animation is "screen", but I would like...
  10. Shiro-chan

    Changing a skill's attack element based on 1 particular weapon

    Hello, I have a peculiar problem: one of my chars has 4 different weapons each with a different element of attack (they are physical, absorb, earth, and water), and I know that many skills use "Normal Attack" to change the skill's respective element based on what the weapon says. I want this...
  11. Shiro-chan

    Turning rvdata2 into txt and back

    I was wondering if rvdata2 files could be turned into some form of raw code that can be edited in a text editor like Notepad++. I need to do a fairly major overhaul in my game, so being able to do it in raw would speed it up quite a lot. Specifically I need to replace a couple faceset files with...
  12. Shiro-chan

    Startile 4-direction problem

    Hello, I have a problem with the 4 directions movement that can be set in the tileset menu. Basicly the setting works just fine for any O tiles, but it gets ignored when a * tile uses arrows - the player can go any direction at will. In my case I have a couch graphic that goes over the player...
  13. Shiro-chan

    Easy way to make "sealed skills" lists?

    Hello, I have a rather specific problem regarding sealing skills. I know that it is possible to seal a skill if an actor/enemy is affected by an equip, a status, or similar. As well, it's possible to seal an entire skill group. But what would I do if I changed the skill groups (which are, by...
  14. Shiro-chan

    Game resolution above 640x480

    Is it possible to make the game resolution in VX Ace above 640x480 without tile-upscaling? I read that it's impossible, but someone I know posted screenshots of a VX Ace game with a resolution clearly higher, so I just want to check. Is it actually possible after all? If so, how?
  15. Shiro-chan

    Change the game.exe icon

    Hello, is it possible to change the red dragon head icon of the game.exe/taskbar to something else, and if so, how? I mean this:

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