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  1. FAWKS


    Hey all! I started working on making a paralax item shop. I've never done paralaxing before, and I would love to hear peoples comments, criticisms and critiques. This is a WIP, so any comments people have on how to better the map would be very helpful! The idea is that the player will be able...
  2. FAWKS

    Making a large selection list?

    I'm trying to make a game in which the player can "randomly" generate a dungeon by grouping 3 key words from a large list of beginning, middle and end words. Each list is would start out with roughly 10-12 words and grow as the player progresses through the story, eventually ending in them...
  3. FAWKS

    RMMZ [HUD Maker Ultra] Change transparency when actor is close?

    As the title says, does anyone who uses or has used HUD Maker Ultra for RMMZ know how to make it so that the transparency will change when the player gets close to the overlay edge? As it stands, I have an HP bar running along the right side of the screen, but in some maps the player is able to...
  4. FAWKS

    Only one actor fighting/SWITCH system?

    Hello all! Happy New Year! I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin or script that would set it so that only ONE actor would be battling and the rest of the actors would be on the side. If you wanted to switch, it would count as a turn in battle and allow the enemy to have the next move...
  5. FAWKS


    Hello all! Happy holidays! I've been having a small issue with the VisuMZ menu core plugin and am finally at the point where I don't know what else to do besides turn to the community for help. I'm trying to adjust where the HP and MP meters sit on the VisuMZ menu core. It currently sits...
  6. FAWKS

    RMMZ [RMMZ] Any SKILL EQUIP System out there?

    I've been looking for a few days now for a skill equip system. I managed to find one, but it seems like its only for RPG Maker MV running off the Yanfly core system. ( Does anyone know of a plugin or some way to limit the player to only...
  7. FAWKS

    RMMZ Recommendation for [CRAFTING SYSTEM] plugin?

    As the title says, I'm wondering if anyone has had any major success with any of the currently existing crafting system plugins and which you'd recommend? I want to be able to have crafting systems for: - Blacksmithing (Weapons/Armor) - Alchemy (1-time-use skills or buffs) - Potions - Food At...
  8. FAWKS

    [HELP] Pokémon style move sets?

    I’m trying to create a skill system for my game which will limit the number of skills each party member can have in battle, similar to Pokémon games. Anytime the user attempted to learn a new skill, if they were at max, they’d have to choose one to replace. If possible, I’d also like to have...

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