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  1. amerk

    RPG Maker 3 for PC?

    Not sure if this was a good area for this, or if it's better somewhere else, or even if the RMW crowd wants this topic or not, but since the topic for what we want to see in the next RM is here, I figured why not. So basically, we already have the RM3 remastered audio in the store, and I...
  2. amerk

    2K3 Resources

    Just realized there is no section for 2K3 resources under Resource Showcase. I wasn't sure if this was still in the works to be added, but just in case it was somehow missed, wanted to point this out.
  3. amerk

    Night of the Living Noobyas

    Night of the Living Noobyas Abstract: Since the beginning, RM communities have been forced to coexist with noobs. Now with the threat of an evil noob threatening the very existence of such forums, a band of hapless and witless heroes will rise to the challenge to bring him down... or get...
  4. amerk

    Tileset Hues

    I can see some practical use out of this, especially for a sort of dark world theme. Any chance of porting this over for VX or Ace?
  5. amerk

    Suggested Script Tutorials

    Okay, I'm not even sure if it's possible to teach somebody about scripts, beyond what's already out there. If not, then forgive my ignorance. Also, I'm pretty sure this is the right place for suggestions, but not sure if it's too early to offer suggestions. But anways: We have a variety of...
  6. amerk

    Hello All and Welcome

    Wow, I have my work cut out for me, as there are a lot of members jumping on. I would have jumped on earlier, but my day has been crazy. Anyways, rather than post in everybody's topic, I thought I'd just do a shout out to everybody, some of whom I've met before on other communities, others who...

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