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  1. KermexRPG

    REFMAP Blog resources...

    Yeah, those resources in REFMAP blog. I want to know if you can use them in commercial projects, maybe I'm wrong but I think you are allowed to use them only in free projects... REFMAP Blog
  2. KermexRPG

    RMVXA Inherited Sins - Definitive Edition

    An adventure puzzle game In Inherited Sins, you will play the role of Aryan, a simple traveling merchant who because of an innate ability he'll be involved in a rather dangerous situation. Aryan will have to escape some horrific ruins that have been the last abode of many unfortunates for...
  3. KermexRPG

    Stop counting the playtime

    Hello! My question is, it's possible to stop the playtime count? I made a custom title screen with command events and I don't want the time that you are in the title screen counts as playtime. Thanks and excuse me for my english.
  4. KermexRPG

    Problem with the generator (RMMV)

    Hi guys! I'm having some problems with a custom parts that I added to the generator, exactly the parts are some beards and eyebrows styles. The problem is i cant see the changes in the character's face, i can select the parts in the generator but i cant see the changes. Thanks!
  5. KermexRPG

    Help with an item menu script

    I'm using the Menu á la Majo no Ie by SoulPour777 and everything works like a charm, except for an annoying issue with the description window in the item menu. I mean, this window always is showing a horizontal arrow,  I wanna remove this arrow, please help. This must be a easy task but my RGSS...
  6. KermexRPG

    About skills

    Well, I'm making a game and I want to make my skills dependant to the equipped weapon. I mean for example with the gun A equipped you can perform certain skills, but if you remove the gun A from your equipment then those skills can't be used anymore. Is it possible to make something like that...
  7. KermexRPG

    TheoAllen Hover Notification + 640x416 Res, help!

    Well, I'm using this script of TheAllen, with the defautl res 544x416 everything works fine, even 640x480, but when I tried to change the res to 640x416 the notifications just appear in the wrong place, i think this is a coordinates problem i'm guessing tounching some of the code of the script...
  8. KermexRPG

    I need some help with Yami Overlay Mapping Script

    Well, in first place I need to say that english is not my native language so I apologize if my text is hard to read. :P Okay, I'm using Yami script for my parallax maps, everything works really nice... But I have a little issue with the walls of my houses, i mean the passability is ok but a...

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