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  1. gregbaby

    So is MV worth using now?

    I own MV, I got it upon release, I was all excited as the promise of android support was there. until I realised the functionality was non existant... After trying it out I realised the creators of MV decided Android support was a complete after thought despite tacking it on to the product specs...
  2. gregbaby

    Any way to check if an event is next to another event?

    Hey all, I'm trying in vain to to come up with a way for an event to activate via a parallel process when it is next to another event (X or Y, so when it is in the radius directly around an event) So far I've tried putting both Events X,Y locations into seperate variables and using conditional...
  3. gregbaby

    Pearl ABS V3 Crashing to desktop.

    Hello again! Script in question: I've been having problems with my game crashing a lot due to this error message: Script '- Pearl Kernal' line 101: RGSSError occured. disposed bitmap EDIT: Added some screen shots into...
  4. gregbaby

    Pearl ABS Animation Issue/Request

    Hello all, I use Falcoas Pearl ABS V3. LINK So the ABS will show animations on screen depending on the type of damage you've set to a weapon so a fire weapon will show burning on the enemy on screen etc etc etc yada yada yada. I need a way to be able to control the animations on screen, i.e...
  5. gregbaby

    A recolor of a slot machine.

    Hello guys, I suck pretty bad at artwork so I'm wondering if anybody can help me here. I've created a slot machine system for my game but the slot machine vector graphic I have is modern looking and it just doesn't; fit my games theme (I realize a slot machine in a fantasy game is pushing it...
  6. gregbaby

    Menu > Equip scene edit needed (or help to do it myself)

    Hello everyone! My game has only one playable character and therefore I'm looking to do a slight edit to the menu. When I go into my menu and select Equip I want it to bypass the actor select bit and jump straight to the equipment selection screen. I've had a dig about in the script files but...
  7. gregbaby

    Falcao Pearl ABS Scenes Window help!

    Hello everybody! I was wondering if anybody with a brain for scripting could help me. I'm trying to override the traditional (naff) Equipment Screen (Optimize, Change Equipment etc etc) with the Pearl ABS selection screen and then I'll be able to switch off the button (N Key) that toggles the...
  8. gregbaby

    What's the point of MV's mobile export?

    The format is terrible with no real support and the most "simple" games perform like a potato on modern phones so I ask what was the purpose of including mobile support if it's so poorly implemented for modern day mobiles and not properly supported? A selling point? I hope people google this...
  9. gregbaby

    Any way to make a script call for this keyboard script?

    The script: I noticed the ` Key is usable with this script and I'd like to have a script call for when this button is pressed so I can perform an action in my game. I've added the script below to download if anybody is interested in taking a look at it.
  10. gregbaby

    Any decent/relatively effective encrytion tools/methods for VX Ace?

    Hello all, I will (in the near future) be releasing my game commercially and want to protect the scripts and art I've personally paid for via commission work. They didn't come cheap so I'd like to know of any methods I can utilize to protect my game. The standard compression in VXAce (as many...
  11. gregbaby

    (VX ACE) Help with Selchars HM Calender Script + Khas Awesome Light Effects.

    Hello everyone! I hope there is somebody here who can help me. I'm currently trying to get these two scripts to play nice. #Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System #Author: Selchar #Version 2.1 LINK TO THIS SCRIPT and # * [ACE] Khas Awesome Light Effects # * By Khas...
  12. gregbaby

    Tidloc's Lockpick Script Edit

    Hello everyone. I'm wondering if anybody with scripting knowledge can help me. Here's the topic with said script: The script is great but for some reason Tidloc decided to force this script to read from his header he created (its...
  13. gregbaby

    Selchars Calendar + Khas's Awesome Light Effects Compatability Issue

    Hi Guys! I hope there is somebody here who can help me or has had experience with the scripts below: (VX ACE) Harvest Moon style Variable Based Calendar and Weather System by Selchar [ACE] Khas Awesome Light Effects - By Khas Arcthunder - I've been trying for hours on...
  14. gregbaby

    Khas Pathfinder script - NPC arrives at destination and reacts...

    Hello everybody, I'm currently toying with the Khas Pathfinder script and it's pretty neat little script to automate your cities NPCs to give them a little more "life", I was wondering if any of you have figured out a way for an NPC to react once they get to their destinations on the map...
  15. gregbaby

    Will we get to see an Android expoerter/SDK of any kind in the near future?

    I know this has been asked raised many times, but there's always a bunch of smoke & mirrors and gossip/rumours surrounding this. I have played the Doom & Destiny game, and despite the use of standard crappy RTP engine grahpics the game functions and runs very well and is actually quite good...
  16. gregbaby

    Examples of games made in IG Maker?

    I wish I could put together a team and build something outstanding, put it on Xbox Live Indie section and make a little money....and release it for sale on PC too...that would be cool. I've only recently bought the program but I'm loving the fact this can be exported to flash and xna. I will...

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