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  1. desertbriar

    RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    Hello! I was adding and testing some recipes and this error popped up after trying to add an armor in the ingredient slots. I'm not sure what it means but it's probably something to do with my armors not being independent items.
  2. desertbriar

    Poll: Determining what gold/treasure an enemy drops.

    *shrug* They ate/absorbed the gold or have on them from looting travelers' bags. I have them drop a very small bit of gold that would make sense they can carry plus the sellable/craftable trash loot. I also have them drop food ingredients forageable in the wild so it somewhat makes sense. I...
  3. desertbriar

    Favorite ways to learn skills when playing an RPG?

    Learning via level up, skill trees, and learning/equipping skills that are tied to what equipment you have on you are some of my favorites.
  4. desertbriar

    Does Realism = Counterproductive?

    I would just make each weapon deal one type of damage in their attack command for simplicity, then have other skills that deal a variety of damage, like one skill makes the lance do slash damage and another skill makes it do pierce damage. I have a similar system in my own game. Realism doesn't...
  5. desertbriar

    Favorite ways to learn skills when playing an RPG?

    As a player, I love the level ups and skill trees. The first one makes for fun surprises while leveling and the second gives us neat branches to choose from. I'm not much of a fan of the jp skill unlock systems if they require dull skill use grinding like ff5 and fft. Octopath and Alliance...
  6. desertbriar

    Mechanics you dislike

    Some people think they can weasel out of balancing things with enemy level scaling...but they don't realize they need to balance how the enemy scales too. Then the level 50 rat at the beginning of the game can just roflstomp your entire party in a turn, or you better hope that you didn't...
  7. desertbriar

    Mechanics you dislike

    No area map: Please give a map of the dungeon, even if it's crude boxes drawn for rooms and a simple show picture common event from an item. Zelda games had this and it made exploring more fun since you didn't get lost. Most newer jrpgs have an area map too. Radiant Historia and Trails of Cold...
  8. desertbriar

    How to implement every possible Yanfly Tips & Tricks effect in MZ with VisuStella plugins

    You are a true saint! I'll keep this in mind whenever I pick up MZ on a sale
  9. desertbriar

    Map Skill: Remotely Move any out of reach objects in front of you MV/MZ

    Sweet, the Golden Sun field skills are fun to use! This would be great for puzzles
  10. desertbriar

    How to Update NW.js to Dramatically improve Game Performance!

    Wow this is amazing! I always thought it was kinda eyebrow-raising/embarrassing whenever my MV game lags in the year of 2022 lol. I put trying this off for a while worried that I would accidentally break something but the process actually went smoothly. The playtest window even got a nice...
  11. desertbriar

    RMMV Community Lighting MV & MZ

    I love this and am very glad it's very easy to switch over from Terrax! I can already feel the performance improve
  12. desertbriar

    Mapping and Map Design tips

    Hello! I made a little guide on mapping techniques I use. This may or may not be more advanced as it assumes you know some of the basics of the map editor. This tutorial doesn't cover autotiles, I don't really use them since I prefer more detail with manual mapping. I usually draft my maps in...
  13. desertbriar

    Eventing Respawning Foraging Nodes and Enemies Using Script Calls

    Hello! In this tutorial we will be using events to represent on-map enemy encounters and foraging/mining nodes, turning on their self switch after the event executes, then call a common event at some point (like using an inn) to reset the self switches for those events on their map to allow them...
  14. desertbriar

    Tips and Tricks with Luna Engine MV

    Hi all, I’m not a pro at Luna Engine MV myself but I can provide a couple tips and tricks I picked up while learning the engine from others and the documentation, since there’s currently only a few tutorials out there currently. Although I’m not the best at explaining or teaching things so I...
  15. desertbriar

    RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    Ah my bad! I left behind some blank recipe entries as templates to use and that was the source of the error. It works fine now after I deleted those
  16. desertbriar

    RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    Hi again, haha. It seems the plugincommand for bringing up a specific craft menu stopped working after one of the updates Neither CallCrafting Cooking and CallCrafting Blacksmithing seem to bring up the specific craft menus, and they don't crash the game either so I don't have an error log for...
  17. desertbriar

    RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    I'm using the newest version and the default crafting mode. Tried it a couple more times and I think it has to do with the order I put the ingredients in. The first pic seems to be successful because it's the order I put the ingredients in on the recipe list for the slots. The 2nd one seems to...
  18. desertbriar

    RMMV Ramza's Plugin Suite Support topic MEGATHREAD

    Hello again! Something odd happened when I was testing out crafting several recipes. Sometimes it successfully crafts with no issue, other times it pulls up the error/crash below:
  19. desertbriar

    Designing a world around platforming?

    I suppose the mario and luigi rpgs could also be a good example of how platforming makes the map and exploration fun. And using field abilities to solve puzzles/access previously inaccessible areas once unlocked. Golden Sun's platforming puzzles are fantastic.
  20. desertbriar

    RPG Maker MZ: State of Plugins Poll

    1. If you are using RPG Maker MZ for your current game, what plugins are you using? n/A, but I'll likely use the ported plugins from creators in MV and Visu core when I do get MZ eventually 2. If you have not moved to RPG Maker MZ at this time: How much is the plugin landscape (number of...

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