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  1. HentaiPie

    Mini Games in Games?

    Do you add mini games to your games? I've heard a few people say it takes away from the actual game itself, however I personally think it adds a little bit of gameplay time to your game, as well as makes look like you've put more effort into it. What's your opinion? Personally, I've added two...
  2. HentaiPie

    Random Variables aren't random

    I have a random Variable set up for 1 - 10. However, out of all the options it will choose 10 about 90% of the time. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? The missing ones are duplicates of the >4 one.
  3. HentaiPie

    Game recommendations

    I've gotten to the point where I can't find any good games anymore, I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations? I'm a social gamer, so I'm looking for anything multiplayer or where I can play with others :D
  4. HentaiPie

    Has anyone used any other game software?

    As the question states, has anyone used any other software to create their games? I'm looking into learning some code for Unity, but I always tend to make my way back to rmmv as a whole. I just wanted to see what others had done as well, and why you're still using rpg maker over that other...
  5. HentaiPie

    I'm here :D

    I'm HentaiPie, I'm developing a NSFW game dev community, as well as looking for some artists to work on the game I'm in development of. HentaiPie is a small game company that is still really new, but we have the funds to hopefully create a unique NSFW game with rpg elements!

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