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  1. Alyon93

    [Solved] Events move route "range"?

    Hi makers, I searched throughtout the forums but I couldn't find informations about this. I'm having troubles with some events and I think the problem reside in a sort of "range", a distance between you and the events, that, if is exceeded, deactivates the events or something, I believe to...
  2. Alyon93

    Enemy Approach not working as intended

    Hi guys, Sorry for bothering you with this question. I've a problem with the appear half-way option on the enemy in troop. I've set the option and I've set the condition to be the 2° turn in the battle, for a single time. So I've put of course the command  "enemy approach" or "enemy...
  3. Alyon93

    Skill does different things with different targets

    Hi guys, Sorry for bothering you, I need your help for a script it's bothering me in the past months. I even tried do solve it on my own with the help of some guys from the forum. Here you can find the post I'm referring too: Basically this is the idea: I have this skill called "Help" which...
  4. Alyon93

    [RGSS3] Help skill does different things with different state

    Hi guys. :)   I'm new to rgss3 script making even if I know a couple of scripting languages. In my project I use a lot of script made by others, but since I'd like to make something on my own I started to write this should-be-easy script just to learn the basics. Basically it works like...
  5. Alyon93

    Different Item Targeting in-battle, in menù

    Hi guys, this one should be rather easy, yet I'm not able to.... I want consumables to have different target while in-battle or outside. Basically the whole point is that I want to remove the "a guy uses a potion on another guy". Maybe it seems odd but I don't really like the "an ally"...
  6. Alyon93

    Injury system, non-recoverable HP gauge

    Hi guys and girls, I'd like to add this feature to my game that I hope it's not to difficult. I've searched through the board and the msl and I've found anorher injury system but that's not what I wanted. I've added this injury system in my game in which after being hit, a state might be...
  7. Alyon93

    Slip damage can kill in battle but not outside

    Hi guys,  this time around I'm pretty sure I've checked everywhere and anywhere for this issue. I know a lot of things about slip damage have been asked, different damage in battle and outside, different way to calculate damage etc. I don't need any of these.  The default damage is ok for me...
  8. Alyon93

    Full HP Cost for Skills/Commands

    Hi guys!  :)   I need your help for a system I'm trying to realize. Basically in my game characters have only one gauge(Energy) that works for both HP and MP aswell. You can find a post here with all the reasons...
  9. Alyon93

    HP Gauge only: Tips and Opinions

    Hi guys! This time around I'm not asking for any help, only some Tips or Opinions about an idea I had in mind.   I'm making a game without magic and the abilities are the most similar to reality(things like shield bash, feints, moulinet and so on). In my game, every action uses some amount of...
  10. Alyon93

    Spider Web Animation

    Hi guys, Here i am again, Anyone having a spider web animation that I can use to create the proper animation for standard battle system? I already searched throughout the forum and the web itself. If you have one, can you suggest me a way or two on how to create a good animation? I'm not...
  11. Alyon93

    How to correctly use add_state script command

    Hi guys, I'm new here! My name is Alyon93. I'm Italian and I'm sorry if my English is poor. I used RPG Maker for a lot of time, yet until now I never adventured in the script section, so I'm not very used to it. I'm using Crystal Engine Rows script for my project but for visual purposes only...
  12. Alyon93

    Hi there

    Hi guys, I'm Alyon93 and I'm italian. Hope my poor english won't be a problem for all of you though! I used Rpg Maker for a lot of time but never adventured in scripting. I'm here to learn how to script in RGSS3 and to be  able to improve myself and my projects. I'm a studying Computer...

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