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  1. ScientistWD

    How do you like my Thief's "Steal" Command?

    My game has four classes, but a player chooses only a party of three at the beginning of the game. One of those classes is the Thief, who uniquely has access to the Steal Command. Looking back through old threads, I can see a lot of distrust in "Steal". It makes me feel a little insecure to...
  2. ScientistWD

    RMMV Toil and Trouble (COMPLETE update)

    The Moon rises high o'er the Wood on this night. Where four Witches gather and cackle delight. Toiling away at their spells and their brew. Looking for Trouble? For it has found you. Toil and Trouble is a smaller RPG that revolves around exploring and battling with a party of four Witches...
  3. ScientistWD

    Any Techniques for Drafting Maps?

    I've just finished "finalizing" the combat and crafting mechanics in my game, but I don't technically have the maps yet. I have a lot of small and scattered ideas, but I'm not sure of the best way to go about connecting them and writing down all the details before I go off the rails putting them...
  4. ScientistWD

    RMMV Toil and Trouble (Combat and Crafting Test)

    Cassidy Summers and a party of reluctant Witches band together mostly for convenience's sake. Of course, in a group like this, who's to say which Witch is the wicked one? I made a post about this a few months ago, and I've toiled away at it since. What I have here is a prototype of the game's...
  5. ScientistWD

    When the Damage is Just Too High

    So, I have a bit of a design problem. It hasn't become a huge problem yet, but I anticipate that it might become one, and in that event I'd like to have a solution made up ahead of time. Part 1: Damage Formulas. I'm using simple ratio damage formulas. They tend to take the form (a/b) * c, were a...
  6. ScientistWD

    RMMV Witches (a playtest)

    Cassidy Summers is a bad, bad Witch looking for redemption. But is she really sorry? Or is she just sorry she got caught? A playtest, in mid-early stages. Summary of Features: Play a party of four Witches! A battle system specially designed for these ends... Learn spells. Grant yourself Boons...
  7. ScientistWD

    Making Stats Invisible: Mysterious or Annoying?

    In Pokémon Go, you only get some information about your actor's stats. This bothered some people I knew, but it's not as if in other games you get all the information. Is this irritating to most people? And, more importantly, how much information is needed? In my game, an actor earns new skills...
  8. ScientistWD

    Thinking about the Paradigm for Defensive Actors

    As I'm working on my game more and more, I'm trying to brainstorm to myself the different sorts of ways to implement a "defense based" character or class. I am not here to talk about "Healing". Healing is a completely different conversation. Today, I'm thinking about the different mechanics...
  9. ScientistWD


    What a strange place. Lettie wakes up in a new place. Her mind is erased, no memory of where she came from. Instead, she finds herself in an Arena, pinned against beasts and fiends alike. But for the most part, everything's fine. There's no one "evil" around, no nefarious plots going on...
  10. ScientistWD

    HP and MP (or TP) Increase dependent on Base Stats

    For my game, stats are important and can easily shift around. That being said, there are only six. I want two of them are responsible for MaxHP and MaxMP. "Stamina", very simply, increases MaxHP through an easy relationship. States and equips can change stamina sometimes. "Magic" and...

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