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  1. RMMV Windows with labeled gauges?

    Why thank you! I expect it probably will.
  2. RMMV Windows with labeled gauges?

    Just so we're all clear, I'm using rpg maker MV. I'm trying to make a few minigames. It's mostly event based, using images for buttons and so forth. I've got most of that figured out thanks to hiddenone's excellent tutorial here. The only thing I haven't figured out how to do the way I want...
  3. What is the default font?

    And of course... there is. I did look in the folder, but it didn't click that it was the name of the font I was looking at. Too used to obscure to nonsensical naming systems, I suppose. LOL Thank you for the reply, I appreciate the help.
  4. What is the default font?

    I've been scouring the internet for half an hour and I can't find the answer to this simple question. All I can find are threads talking about changing it. I just want to know what it is so I can make images who's text at least sort of matches it! So. What is the default font in RPG maker mv?
  5. Character Generator not overwriting files

    Well, I still don't know what the problem was, but a reinstall of RMMV seems to have fixed it. Somehow I always manage to forget that particular troubleshooting step. Thank you for reminding me, uglywolf. This thread can be marked resolved. Thanks for the help, guys!
  6. Character Generator not overwriting files

    I have tried running it as admin. It doesn't seem to help. I probably should have mentioned that in my first post, sorry. The folder is in my docs, so there really shouldn't be anything interfering with it. As I mentioned, RMMV is the only program having a problem, and it only seems to be the...
  7. Character Generator not overwriting files

    No, that isn't the problem- I already know about that. If I were to make a blue skinned man in full armor with spiky purple hair, save the walking sprite, then close rpg maker, open it again, and create a blond girl child in a red dress and try to import that file then export it into the same...
  8. Character Generator not overwriting files

    I've run into an odd and annoying problem in RPG Maker MV. I can't seem to overwrite character sprite sheets or character face sets with the character generator unless I created them that session. So if I, say (step by step): Create a walking sprite for a person in town and export it as a...
  9. RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (June Update)

    I'm under the impression we're not supposed to double post, so I edited instead. Ah, a border! That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the reply. I'm really enjoying this plugin.
  10. RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (June Update)

    Great! I'll get things set up and give it a try. Thanks for all your hard work! Edit: All right, I've tested it out now- The waterfalls are indeed fixed, and work perfectly. That will make map creation easier. I'm running into a problem with the maps I've made for this now. For some reason...
  11. How to: OverpassTile Plugin

    This is a helpful tutorial, but it leaves out a very relevant and important piece of information, which the plugin itself doesn't mention: In order for the overpass tiles to work properly, the tiles themselves HAVE to be B-E tiles set to fully passable (the O symbol, with no blocked directions...
  12. RMMZ (MZ & MV) Random Maps during Playtime (June Update)

    Very, very nice. I've been hoping for something like this. I'll have to tinker with it to see if it'll work for me, but it looks very promising! @V_Aero I've had some time to play with this, and I love the dungeons it generates. If you set up the sources right, It generates very nice random...
  13. YR Plugins

    Great! I can confirm that the script calls are working now. I've got to say, this is the best crafting system I've seen. Adding an option to eval conditions and results in the recipe is phenomenal. With options for background images, disciplines, skill advancement... it has everything. Thanks...
  14. YR Plugins

    All right, awesome! I went in and tested everything, in every way I could think of, and here's my results (I hope you don't mind me poking things... I like trouble shooting...) 1) ... yeah, how did I not realize that? Anyway, just for kicks I tried it and can confirm that it no longer goes...
  15. YR Plugins

    @Waterguy Don't worry. If someone ever makes a plugin (or mod) with no bugs at first release, it'll probably implode the sun lol. You never know what's going to happen until some monkey starts monkeying with things. Keep up the good work.
  16. YR Plugins

    Hey there, Waterguy! Thanks for the wonderful crafting plugin. A couple of the features found in yours that don't seem to be anywhere else are exactly what I was looking for! I did come across a couple of problems. I managed to poke at them until I fixed them, but I though I should let you know...
  17. Getting Meta from state affecting character or monster.

    So, I got it working the way I want, at least for the most part. There's a bit more I want to do with it, but the basics are working. The fundamental issue I was encountering is that if any part of $dataStates[$[0]].meta.Type1 is undefined when the game tries to...
  18. Getting Meta from state affecting character or monster.

    @Poryg Thank you very much! That works perfectly for the damage formulas. Now how would I get it to 'draw' metadata to the menus in place of, say, the nickname? When I try to set it up, I get 'actorId is undefined if I put actorId in place of the actor id number, cannot read _states of...
  19. Getting Meta from state affecting character or monster.

    So I've figured out how to get the meta information added by note tags from the excellent little tutorial in Unfortunately, there's a lot of things that it sounds like should be possible that...
  20. Deriving Max Hit Points?

    Awesome! Beautiful! It works perfectly! I can't believe you took the time to do that for me. Thank you very, very much. I'm sure other people will find it very useful too. I can verify at least somewhat that it works as intended on monsters too. As an added bonus, I tested it with Hime's...

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