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  1. lordvalinar

    RMMZ Help With Camera Movement

    So I'm delving into a new section of the RM code that I haven't worked with yet - the display/camera positioning and I would like some help in trying to understand it. Specifically: What I Want: For the 'camera' to move in front of the player while moving (+1 tile, +2 tiles if dashing) and...
  2. lordvalinar

    RMMZ How To(?): Play Animation by XY Coordinates

    I know for MV, there were plugins that could play the animation based on XY coordinates (could even play them in battle), but since MZ uses Effekseer - and I tried looking at that code but that goes all the way back in js/libs/effekseer.min.js and I can't figure out how to use that knowledge to...
  3. lordvalinar

    RPG Maker 2 Question(s)

    So I had a few questions regarding Legacy support (specifically titles older than RM2K): 1.) Is there any renewed interest in RPG Maker 2 (or even 1) ? I was replaying it recently on the emulator (with the actual disc, since I own the game but not a PS2 anymore) and realized that there isn't...
  4. lordvalinar

    RMMZ Question Regarding a Window Contents

    Question (Short version): How does VS create the rectangle fills in this window? Question (Long version): I am looking to create some background fills in my own status window, somewhat similar to this layout (The selected item/it's type/# in possession, the stats and how the item changes them...
  5. lordvalinar

    Friendship-Romance System (FRS)

    Friendship Romance System (FRS) v1.3 (by LordValinar) Introduction Introduces a more in-depth relation system between actors (and events!) New - Latest Update (v1.31 - Sep 24 2021): FEATURES: Notetags(Actors, Skills, Items): Assign notetags that can: Set initial friendship/romance levels...
  6. lordvalinar

    RMMZ Small Help With RegEx Please

    [SOLVED] Solution = const tag = /<PROF:\s\[([\d+,]+)\]>/i; // test: <prof: [1,2,3]> // returns: "Group #1: 1,2,3" ================= The main focus/goal here is what RegEx is needed to match inside the brackets (ie. an Array). I intend to make a D&D-like system, and want to do something like...
  7. lordvalinar

    [LordV] Kill Quest Assistant

    Kill Quest Assistant (v1.0) LordValinar Introduction This plugin was designed to assist "kill quests" in mind. Basically you get a quest to kill 10 bandits, and you want a variable to increase for each bandit you kill, but doing so with vanilla RPG Maker is difficult since "if enemyHP % <= 0"...
  8. lordvalinar

    RMMV (Methods)Popup text for Survival System

    NOTICE: I am aware of plugins that already exist to do something similar, however, I am making a plugin for survival needs (Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, Oxygen, Sanity, Radiation, Temperature) and I would like an integrated system to display these floating text above the character's heads. Please do...
  9. lordvalinar

    RMMV [And RMMZ?] Quick Help (window+sprite = floating text)

    So I understand the basic premise with windows and sprites, and I'm not sure if this should go in Plugin Development or here, but down to it: The Situation: I'm creating a survival needs plugin (You know: Hunger - thirst - fatigue - oxygen - sanity - radiation - temperature), and while the...
  10. lordvalinar

    Economic Trinity

    Economic Trinity v1.2 / v1.6 / v1.0 Come one, come all and liven up your worlds! I introduce to you a set of 3 plugins. Plugin Order (github links for individual downloads): - LvMZ_Factions - LvMZ_Economy - LvMZ_Currencies The Demo (google drive link): Download Demo Factions: Introduce...
  11. lordvalinar

    RMMZ [Help] How to manipulate gold window from shop number window?

    Hmm anyone have an idea how to manipulate the gold window from the shop number window? Thinking of showing a color-coded difference in prices. * Ex1: You have 300G, something costs 50G in buy mode -> Shows 250G in (red) on your gold window * Ex2: You have 300G, and selling a potion for 50G in...
  12. lordvalinar

    Event Touching

    Event Touching v1.0 About: If you ever need an event to activate another event by reaching out and touching them.. this is the plugin for you! Give your towns a little extra life (NPC thieves touch-stealing from NPC shops?) or striking up conversations (VisuStella's Gab windows are your...
  13. lordvalinar

    RMMZ [Help]Loading Game Throwing Errors

    Update 1 (16:11): Having the functions outside of the main scope (( the (() => { // code })(); )) bits seemed to work, but that doesn't make sense, and won't work for me (since I need some of the constants inside the main scope). In theory it should be working (and is a problem I have not had in...
  14. lordvalinar

    Auto Event Faces

    Auto Event Faces v1.0 About Plugin: Quality of Life plugin that assigns the face (based on character sheet and index of the event) to any "blank" faces using the Show Text command. A plugin command will be needed to toggle when to start/stop the Auto Faces though. Why not just assign a face...
  15. lordvalinar

    Multiple Currencies

    Multiple Currencies v1.2 -- Discontinued -- Due to re-releasing this plugin (new and improved) along with a couple of others in my Economics Trinity plugin, this will no longer be supported, and the github version is removed. If you still want to use THIS version, it'll still be available on...
  16. lordvalinar

    RMMZ Shop Window (Multiple Currencies)

    The Request: I seek aid in the scripting of the window portions of the Shop scene. Specifically to create or alter the code to edit the shop scene window (drawItem() function) to account for: Window size changes (such as if using VisuStella's plugins that change the shop windows) Drawing the...
  17. lordvalinar

    Party Size Control

    Party Size Control v1.0 About: Ever wanted to limit the maximum party members you can have? Well now you can! Introducing the Party Size Control plugin. Installation: Plug and play! (Change the starting amount of party members in the plugin parameters, or alter it on the fly with a plugin...
  18. lordvalinar

    Animated Faces (MZ Version)

    Animated Faces v1.3 Click here for the MV Version: [MV]Animated Faces 1.3 About: Started out as the Standalone version of the TTKMessagePlus (Fogomax) plugin's animated face feature. Now converted over to MZ for the plugin commands. Possibly future updates (if any requests pop up). Update...
  19. lordvalinar

    [Help][MV]Getting a Tile Image

    I know how to get a tileID, but what do I do with that information to get the image of that tile? For example, if a player steps on a tile of wheat, they'll walk OVER it. However, I want them to be able to hit a button and hide in the wheat, and using Yanfly's Event Spawner, will spawn an...
  20. lordvalinar

    Animated Faces (Standalone)

    Animated Faces Version 1.4 Credit Where Credit Is Due: First I would like to thank Fogomax for their TTKMessagePlus plugin. It was the huge inspiration (and some modifications of), into its own separate and new plugin! Tell Me About The Plugin: One of the problems (and requests) was for...

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