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  1. Receive multiple of an item

    I need a script to make it so you can get multiple of an item at a time from a drop or a chest. Like 'Arrows x 5' and such. Can't seem to find this for MV.
  2. Changing critical rates between weapons

    I remember having a lot of trouble with this before, and now it plagues me again. I want to make some weapons more or less critical then others. Like daggers be weaker then swords but have a higher crit chance, but axes are stronger then swords and have a lower crit rate. Help? I haven't...
  3. Arcade games and other recreational stuff

    I'm making a game set in modern day, nothing big just the story of a guy and his every day life, but a lot of the story takes place at the mall and in the arcade. Only, I have no machines for there to be in the arcade. And sadly I also have no skills of the artist. I would be ever greatfull if...
  4. Getting this error sometimes when I use a certain skill

    I was testing the damage formulas of my characters skills yesterday evening and sometimes I'd randomly get this error when I used one. It was always on the same skill, but not every time I used it. Actually, I didn't even get it often. Maybe once out of every 20 or so times I used it, but only...
  5. Skills, animations, and getting burned out

    Ah, skills. Special abilities. Limit breaks. Techniques. We call them different things, but they are always what our little heroes use to bash in the skulls of whatever evil doers threaten the world. But let's talk about these foe smashing powers. How do you go about integrating them into your...
  6. Yanfly Battle Core, removing casting animations

    The big WHOOSH that appears under/around your characters when they use a skills.. how do I make that go away, or make it smaller?
  7. How to make equipment unequipable, but wait there's more!

    In my game my characters have their own unique weapons and outfits, as opposed to them being able to equip from a variety of weapons and armors. So anyways, how do I make them start out with a weapon and one piece of armor equipped, but make it unequipable? But also, even though they don't equip...
  8. Using variables to randomize attack animations

    We all get tired of seeing the same animation every time we use an attack, don't we? I know I do. Can you assign a variable to a skill to select randomly from 2 or 3 different animations when it's used?
  9. One Animation on multi hit attacks

    Yea, because it bugs me when I use a "hits 4 random enemies" attack on one enemy and the animation plays four times over itself. Eesh. I remember on vxace having a simple scipt that let you out "one animation" in a skills note box and it would do just that. To go with it, is there any way to...
  10. More a question then request about the Cover Art resources

    I want it just for the Katana and Book weapon animations, but is it worth an extra 10 bucks? Word of mouth from any of you guys that got it already, does it come with enough content to warrant a poor guy like me foregoing lunch at work for two days to get it? I value any purchase I make against...
  11. One Animation and multiple hitting attacks

    Ok so im using a few attacks that use the "hits x random enemies", but their animations are just one big animation set to "screen".. but the problem is it plays the animation for however many times the attack is set to hit. Eep. I remember a script on vxace that let you add "one animation" in a...
  12. Full TP triggers a state

    And how to make it happen. Sort of like Trance mode on FF9, I want to create a state where when my characters TP gages fill, they enter state that alters their stats and effects their skills for a set number of turns on until the end of battle, at which time their TP Guage resets to 0. Only I...
  13. Can I activate my Trial offline?

    I downloaded the trial from my phone while at work on wifi because I don't have internet access at home.. when I get home this evening I'm going to move everything over to my PC and install it. Will I need internet access to activate my Trial or not? Because if so im going to have to completely...

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