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  1. jsn2001

    RMMV Tactics System Party Issue

    Hey there, I've mastered the art of not understanding things, so I'm here asking for help once more. I'm using arleq1n's Tactics System plugin for my game, and I've run into an issue. Like many games, in my WIP game you gain more party members as you progress. There's an arena area in the game...
  2. jsn2001

    RMMV Takeya Kimura's slot machine - resolution issue

    I'm hoping to use the SlotMachine.js plugin by Takeya Kimura that comes with RPG Maker MV for my game, but my game's resolution is 1280x720, while the plugin is designed for the default resolution of 816x624, so the graphics for the slot machine are heavily misplaced. Does anyone know how to fix...
  3. jsn2001

    RMMV Archeia Steamworks Achievements Bug

    I'm using Archeia Steamworks in my latest game Sanguine Melancholia, and there seems to be a problem with the plugin that prevents achievements from being awarded. I closely followed the instructions during setup and am using the following plugin command to award achievements as instructed...
  4. jsn2001

    Yanfly's ATB system + Olivia's Sideview Status UI

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm trying to make a game that uses Yanfly's ATB system, as well as Olivia's sideview status UI. Both scripts seem to work flawlessly together, save for one small problem: I can't for the life of me get the ATB gauge to appear anywhere in the battle...
  5. jsn2001

    Yanfly Battle System Script causing Name Input crash

    Basically, when I try to run a name input processing event for actor 10 (default: Player, have tried with no default name) the game crashes with this error: "Script yanflybattle line 1295: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method '[]' for nil:NilClass" "yanflybattle" is Yanfly's Ace...
  6. jsn2001

    Battler made from OSM Character

    I was wondering if someone could make a battler based off this character from the Old School Modern pack, in the same style if possible. Don't ask why one of them is laying down lol Thanks very much in advance!
  7. jsn2001

    Game of Thrones?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but has anyone made a good GoT game in RPGMaker? I've looked around but haven't seen any, but that can't be right, the show would work amazingly as a turn-based RPG! [Minor Game of Thrones spoilers below!] Imagine fighting the Boltons on the bridge...
  8. jsn2001

    Take A F**king Bath

    Take a F**king Bath is a short, disappointing mess of a game. You play as Gregg, a guy who just wants to take a bath. Of course, there's a problem. Travel through the game's many areas, befriending letters of the alphabet, and fighting the many sinister enemies. Can you get to the sewers and fix...
  9. jsn2001

    Battler made from Charset

    Hey, I was wondering if someone could make me a battler of this character, it's a simple character made in the generator. Red eyes, green spiky hair, shirtless/shoeless, grey sweat pants. I get that making these things takes time and effort, so if anybody takes me up on this, thanks very much in...
  10. jsn2001

    Actor Graphic Change Issue

    I've made a game in RPG Maker XP and have some conditional branches that allow you to enter codes in the name entry screen, like Ao Oni. You can enter codes that change the main character's Actor Graphic. Only problem is, at one point in the game the main character is removed from the party...

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