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  1. TheTsunaru

    RMMV Setting up a magic system

    Wow, I was really over-complicating this. This is what happens when I work 13 days straight and 120 hours in those days lol. Thanks for the help. I've used a bunch of Yanfly's plugins before, but since I don't know JS I never really looked into the Lunatic Mode stuff, didn't really think to...
  2. TheTsunaru

    RMMV Setting up a magic system

    I only mentioned the materia system as its likely the most well known that uses magic as being available by having the item equipped and then become unavailable with it unequiped versus magic being unlocked as a character levels. I was looking for less "augmenting by adding the crystal onto...
  3. TheTsunaru

    RMMV Setting up a magic system

    I'm looking to set up a magic system that allows you to equip certain items, and depending on the items you have equipped, it will unlock certain magic spells for use (similar to the materia system). But instead of unlocking additional spells by leveling the materia, I want to tie it to the...
  4. TheTsunaru

    First RPG game you ever played

    My absolute first was Super Mario RPG. My dad didn't want me playing it cause he was worried I'd overwrite his save file, but one time when he went to work I played it anyway. Ended up beating it before him, and his save file remained fully intact.
  5. TheTsunaru

    Yup. I'm guessing it was hidden in a subfolder somewhere that got deleted when I was clearing...

    Yup. I'm guessing it was hidden in a subfolder somewhere that got deleted when I was clearing everything out. I've got a bunch of test projects in my main RMMV folder, but my actual project isn't anywhere in there.
  6. TheTsunaru

    Just found out that when I transferred stuff from my old harddrive to my new OS, my game project...

    Just found out that when I transferred stuff from my old harddrive to my new OS, my game project didn't come along with it. Welp.
  7. TheTsunaru

    At what age did you start gaming?

    I started at 2, but it was around 4 when it really took hold of me. So much so that when I went trick or treating that year, I would ask people if I could come inside and play their Nintendo rather than get candy. I was a weird kid.
  8. TheTsunaru

    No Steam Achievement games, you play them?

    @Tai_MT Go to your friend's game list on their profile. If a game has achievements, there'll be a "View Stats" drop down menu. Clicking on that will give you "Friend's Achievements" and "Global Achievements". Clicking on "Friend's Achievements" will bring you to the achievements they've...
  9. TheTsunaru

    No Steam Achievement games, you play them?

    I like achievements, in particular ones you have to go out of your way in order to get, cause they give a visual example of things I need to do in order to get the most out of a game. If there's an achievement for "Beat Superboss X", odds are the only way I'm going to know about Superboss X...
  10. TheTsunaru

    Is there a way to make a "hunt" system, like FF12?

    It's a little different. A picture would probably explain it best. Interacting with the board results in a list of hunt marks appearing, depending on where you are in the story or what other marks you've already killed.
  11. TheTsunaru

    Is there a way to make a "hunt" system, like FF12?

    The Final Fantasy 12 hunt system is essentially a sidequest. As you progress throughout the story (and in some cases clear earlier hunts), new marks will be added to the list, which are enemies that will only spawn while you have the quest to hunt them active, along with some having special...
  12. TheTsunaru

    Switches and Maps between Projects

    Yeah, you can open up your friend's version of the project, open the switches page, copy the ones you want to use, go over to your version of the project and paste them, same as you do with maps or any other database items (just be sure to put them into the same place so it's not trying to call...
  13. TheTsunaru

    Anyone watching EVO 2017?

    I've seen clips of stuff appearing on my twitter feed (Ogawa getting double perfected in GG was pretty good), but its not something I typically care to go out of my way to watch. I'm not a fan of most of the people in the FGC that I can regularly hear the name of and be like "oh yeah, I know...
  14. TheTsunaru

    How lazy you are?

    I am so lazy I had an absurd amount of trouble just clicking on this thread so that I could come reply. Actually that's not entirely fair. Its not so much that I'm too lazy to do stuff, it's more nothing I do holds my attention long enough for me to care about maintaining focu.. Ugh BG already...
  15. TheTsunaru

    Thoughts on Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

    I don't think you can directly control them like you can the regular party members (in that you can open the menu and force them to do an action in order to override the gambit system), but you are able to set their gambits, and they've gotten rid of some of the stupid requirements for using...
  16. TheTsunaru

    Thoughts on Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age

    Final Fantasy 12 is my second favorite game in the series (after 14, which technically doesn't count since it's an MMO), so I'm hyped for this. I never got around to playing the International version, so the job system is entirely new to me, and should add a nice dynamic to the game, since my...
  17. TheTsunaru

    JRPG's that have name input

    The third Star Ocean (and maybe the others, it's been a while so I can't remember) will let you change a character's written name by going into the status page of the menu, but any scenes where their name are said with VA will still use their original name, even though the text will say whatever...
  18. TheTsunaru

    Your biggest Anime Waifu

    @Touchfuzzy Oh no, I completely understand how there's confusion regarding it, no offense taken. I just feel the world is better off knowing about the difference between the two groups so they don't automatically lump them in together. I'm not even religious myself, I fell out of it in my teens...
  19. TheTsunaru

    Your biggest Anime Waifu

    Fundamentalist Mormons*. The average typical Mormon does not believe in polygamy any more than most of the rest of the world, but there's a small separate group of them that believe in doing things traditionally, and since part of the doctrine taught by the founder included polygamy, they have...
  20. TheTsunaru

    A wild woman appears! Man flirts at it in confusion! (the personal picture thread)

    @Ms Littlefish Danke. I prefer the short hair look, but my hair is starting to thin out, so this experiment to see if I can pull off the bald look has been very beneficial for future reference. @Reapergurl RIGHT? I only ever have two expressions when there is a camera pointed at me, this one...

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