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  1. AceTheMad

    Any good free resources for battle music out there?

    Looking for some good battle music for my project. I'm looking for music that has no heroic background to it whatsoever. This music is for a completely unhinged, insane villain. Tbh, just want to be pointed in the right direction. Idk where else to put this, so forgive me if this is in the...
  2. AceTheMad

    Custom Damage Formulas on certain weapons

    Hello. I was trying to make a script that gives specific weapons custom damage formulas (guns are based off of dex, and swords are based off of str), but then I realized I have literally no idea what I am doing, so I gave up and came here. I was hoping if anybody could help me out
  3. AceTheMad

    RGSS1 (XP) Script issue

    So, then. I was FINALLY dipping my fingers into the RGSS scripting world. Decided to start with a simple XP game. I'm working on a simple monster book. I've...already ran into an issue. I was working on a list of monsters to select from. At first, it looks fine. But then I scroll down. I get...
  4. AceTheMad

    Swap Party Members when All Active Members Defeated

    Hi. I am making a game with a battle system with only 2 active party members. Why? When the active party members are defeated, I want to automatically swap the party members to the next in the list. If you need any more info, please ask, and I'll do my best to explain. The scripts I am...
  5. AceTheMad

    Percent HP Numbers

    Is it possible to display the actor's HP as a percent in battle? I don't know how else to say it, so if somebody has any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks. AceTheMad
  6. AceTheMad

    Counter-Attack Affected by Stats

    Heya, guys! I was working on a game, and I was wondering.... So, when I counter-attack, I already figured out how to make it so that the character still takes damage. But, I was wondering how to make it affected by stats, such as AGI. For example, if somebody has more than 5 AGI points than an...
  7. AceTheMad

    Craft Random Items with the Same Items

    Hey, guys. I've got an issue. I want to make a specific type of 'gem crafting' system. Basically, there are four different colored gems of different sizes. However, when crafted, it results in a different gem with a different attribute. For example, if one were to forge a gem with three small...
  8. AceTheMad

    Mack-Style tents?

    Does anyone know where I can find some mack-style tent tiles? Anything will be fine, thanks. AceTheMad
  9. AceTheMad

    Yanfly Victory Aftermath Issue

    I was playing around with the Victory Aftermath window, and I don't know what I did, but when I was trying to use the Victory Aftermath config script, the whole game breaks. Here's a copy of the error: Script: Victory Config line 598: NoMethodError occurred. This is what the debug told me...
  10. AceTheMad

    Custom Busts React to Target Flashes on Animations

    So, I'm using Yanfly's cast animations with the Luna Engine. So, I made my custom normal attack animation a single white target flash. However, when I tested it, I found that the busts, despite my efforts, never flashed. I'm not sure, as I've never had RPG Maker XP, but I'm pretty sure that this...
  11. AceTheMad

    Mecha Mack Sprites

    Hallo, all. I'm making a game...the third in a series of unreleased games. So far, out of four, I've finished none. That's right. I'm working on four games in one series at once! But anyways, the third one occurs in a fantasy-science fiction world, so I need robots that look like they're from a...
  12. AceTheMad

    Actor Specific Items

    Is there a way that items can only be used by specific actors? I want to have spell books that teach spells to people based on their class or element. Something like that. If you could reply quickly, that would be great.
  13. AceTheMad

    Kaduki styled bat

    Could someone make a Kaduki-styled bat sprite, please? The one in the RTP, I mean.
  14. AceTheMad

    Actor Voices in Battle ATB

    I need a script that says a quote at the beginning, then afterwards, says a quote every turn. I also need attack, hurt, item, heal, and death. Then, I need a victory voice. Is there anything like that?
  15. AceTheMad

    The saddest/strangest/best thing you've done when making a game

    This isn't JUST RPG Maker, this is anything related to game making. Personally, this is the saddest for me: Making a game, trashing it because you hate it, make a new game to replace it, then, getting bored and beginning work on the Prequel/Sequel. This is a true story. IKR...
  16. AceTheMad

    Damage reset to 1

    I need a script that changes the damage done to certain enemies with certain weapons to 1 (Like Mechon in Xenoblade Chronicles.).
  17. AceTheMad

    Xenoblade Chronicles styled chain attack

    OK, if you don't know the style, please look it up before responding. So, I'm making a game, and I would like to make a move that if everyone has built up enough RP (TP), you can begin a chain attack that uses all the RP, but can use a multitude of skills and magic attacks (4-16). What do you...
  18. AceTheMad

    Hair color

    What is the fastest way to change the hair color of a sprite? I need to change a sprites hair color. Quickly. I can't post it here, though. (HINT: It's a sprite for the female Grappler. I need it to have green hair. :P )
  19. AceTheMad

    Grappler faceset

    Could someone make a faceset for the female grappler? If so, thanks. (BTW, would it be possible for someone to adjust the color of the faceset? If there is, tell me PLZ.)
  20. AceTheMad

    A random request by a newbie

    Could someone plz give me some decent hairs for the generator? I'm pretty useless at art, so I could use these. I would need female ones mostly...

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