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  1. riquecamargo

    Tileset Cannon castle and catapult

    Tipo de recurso: Tileset (The format of a tile in the game is equal to 48x48) Cannon and catapult size that best fits the scenario Formato do Criador: RPG Mz Estilo de arte: It can be done by someone, or if you already have something ready, please let me know the author's link. It can be...
  2. riquecamargo

    there is a way to make the character Invisible in the Skill tab ?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so if this is in the wrong place, please guide me to the correct place. I wanted to do character animations, in the database part of the animations tab. But there is an impasse that is when the character animation appears. the character will just stand there...

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