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  1. misterdovah

    A "zoom out" little help (RPG Maker MZ)

    Hello, makers! I wanna help in something about zoom. I wanna make an effect of zoom out. I know this $gameScreen.startZoom(x,y,zoom,wait); starts a zoom in and then I can clear it. But, I want a a zoom out, so I want to the camera go back and show the map smaller a little bit (it's a climb...
  2. misterdovah

    RMMV Stars Walker

    STARS WALKER A Game Experiment by MisterDovah Stars Walker is a game that I made for the RTP Only Jam, as a challenge for myself to create something with few resources and in english (my native language is portuguese e it is a chance to pratice it). It's my first game in another language...
  3. misterdovah

    Help with e-mail verification (solved)

    My friend, Eliaquim (, changed his e-mail in the forum 20 minutes ago, but there is no response for any confirmation. Some one could help him? I am speaking for him because he is unable to post or update anything. Is it normal to...
  4. misterdovah

    Hello from Brazil o/

    :kaoluv:Hi, you all. You may call me Misterdovah (Yes, Skyrim references). I am brazilian and I got RPG Maker MV years ago, but had no time to experience it a lot. Now, I do and I am impressed about how big and alive the community is (the brazilian one is amazing). RPG Maker has being a...

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I now have an idea of how to approach my IGMC entry for this year's theme, as well as a working title (TBA). Given the limited time I can spare, I'm going with a game design that doesn't require a battle system. Something that could be expanded if I want to make it a longer game, but can probably be played through within 2 hours (the goal for now), at least on a speed run.
In last 5 years, I have bought 4 MSI computer components and had issues with all 4 of them. With two of them these issues were so huge the board was quite unusable. I think it's safe to day it's my last MSI product purchase.
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been trying to up my action sequence game and I'm not entirely sure what to do, even with tutorials out there. but I think I'm heading in the right direction with some attacks.

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