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  1. Nicke

    Hirion - Stamina System

    Hirion - Stamina(v1.0) Introduction: A stamina system. This will add a stamina parameter to the player which are used to control the ability to dash around the map. This plugin works with Hirion Swim, you will loose more stamina when swimming. You can display the stamina to the user using the...
  2. Nicke

    Hey it is me!

    Hello, I feel like it is long overdue that I made a introduction so here goes. My name is Niclas and I am soon to be 32 years old (feel older and older... yikes) and I might say I am a real veteran when it comes to RPG Maker. My journey began along time ago when I first tried RPG Maker 95 and...
  3. Nicke

    Hirion - Fall

    Hirion - Fall (v1.2) Introduction: A falling system for the party leader on the map. Does partially works with followers however it is made for one character at the moment. Features: Easy to setup and uses terrain tags for falling tiles. Enable/disable plugin ingame using a switch. A animation...
  4. Nicke

    Hirion - Swim

    Hirion - Swim (v1.3) Introduction: A swimming system for the party leader on the map. This does not work with followers yet. This works with Moghunter Chrono plugin as well, you won't be available to use any tools if swimming. Features: Easy to setup and uses terrain tags for swimming...
  5. Nicke

    The Mystery Mansion

      Embark upon a great mystery! Help the treasure hunter named Fendix Menair in his quest for unlimited glory. Rumours have been told about a haunted mansion in the dark forest which is said to have an ancient artifact hidden. A perfect opportunity for the young treasure hunter to investigate and...
  6. Nicke

    HE - Main Menu

    HE - Main Menu Introduction This script change the default menu scene to a more improved one, Adding a new animation feature, tweaking the visual and improving overall how the menu scene works. Functions from XS - Menu Delux is still there of course but with a slightly improved code. Features...
  7. Nicke

    XS - Inn System

    XS - Inn System Version 1.0 Introduction This script implements a special Inn Scene to your game. Call it every time when you want the player to be able to rest and receive certain bonuses (states) a short time based on a probability chance. Features Easy to setup new rooms and inns in the...
  8. Nicke

    XS - Stamina System

    XS - Stamina System Version 1.0c Introduction This script will add a Stamina System to the game. It will effect how long the player can dash around the map. Features Control the stamina easily with built in methods or with variables. An HUD that will show the stamina values to the player...
  9. Nicke


      Hirion: an ordinary beautiful world filled with joy and prosperity. Everything seems to be perfect in this place; the people live long and peaceful lives and there hasn't been any war for as long as anyone can remember.  However, in the mysterious Eternal Void, a place that brings balance to...
  10. Nicke

    XS - Menu Delux

    XS - Menu Delux Version 1.1b Introduction This script will change default menu into something more customized and an animated background(s). Features The ability to change font settings, menu commands, windows etc. Add static backgrounds or animated ones that will loop when the menu is opened...
  11. Nicke

    XS - Records

    XS - Records Version 1.0c Introduction Ever wanted to keep track of certain things ingame using only variables? You can now do that quite easily using XS - Records. It is easy to understand and pretty neat to show off some useful information to the player in your game. Features Easy...
  12. Nicke

    XS - Pre Title

    XS - Pre Title Version 1.0d Introduction This script enables you to have a pre title scene before the original title screen is presented. You can then show off pictures, texts and even play movies in that scene. Features The ability to show unlimited amount of pictures, texts and...
  13. Nicke

    XS - Random Properties

    XS - Random Properties Version 1.0 Introduction This script enables you to have random properties for specified items. Add random property items using a new method found in the script. Features The ability to have random properties for weapons and armors. (Will probably add items as...
  14. Nicke

    XS - Actor Hud

    XS - Actor Hud Version 1.0c Introduction This script offers the possbility to display an actor hud that will show the current HP, MP and TP for the party leader. Features The ability to enable/disable the hud using a switch ingame. Easy to customize the fonts, icons, gauge bars etc. Should be...
  15. Nicke

    XS - Status Delux

    XS - Status Delux Version 1.0c Introduction This script changes the status scene to a more delux version. A few settings is included but mainly this is just a plug and play script. Features New awesome looking gauges. Easy to setup the font, size, color, icons etc. And more...
  16. Nicke

    XS - Inventory Weight

    XS - Inventory Weight Version 1.0b Introduction This script enables you to have a inventory weight on items. You can decide for yourself how the max weight should be increased in the script. Features Maximum weight increases as you level up. (This is default) Easy to setup the weight...
  17. Nicke

    XS - Item Durability

    XS - Item Durability Version 1.0b Introduction This script will enable a durability effect to every items, weapons and armors ingame. Using the notetag system you can specify current/maximum durability value. This script is pretty extensive and changes the aspects alot, i.e if a item is...
  18. Nicke

    XS - Attribute System

    XS - Attribute System Version 1.1b Introduction This script allows you to gain a set of default points (5) each time an actor gains a level. You can then distribute these points to make your character stronger (i.e increase mana, magic resistance, health etc). Features Attribute...

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