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  1. Pheonix KageDesu

    Simple Fishing - implement fishing mini-game in your project [MV, MZ]

    Simple Fishing 1.0 Pheonix KageDesu Features A simple but flexible mini-game with many settings and paramters Simple and clear rules of the mini-game You can create rods, baits and fishing regions (regions where player can meet only certain fishes) Each element: fish, rod and bait have...
  2. Pheonix KageDesu

    Game Difficulty - add difficulty levels to your game with ease [MV, MZ]

    Game Difficulty 1.0 Pheonix KageDesu Features Allow player change difficulty during game or only once before game starts Execute certain event commands depending on the active difficulty level Modify damage formulas depends on current difficulty level Create conditions for Enemies drops...
  3. Pheonix KageDesu

    Active Battle System (AABSZ) for MZ (new update!)

    Alpha ABS Z by Pheonix KageDesu This plugin is sequel of Alpha ABS plugin and made for replace it Last Version: 0.6 (25.04.2022) (this plugin in active development, updates every month) ✅Features: Real-time battles right on the map Constant updates, support from the developer, a large...
  4. Pheonix KageDesu

    Extended Loot - make looting and treasure hunt visually better

    Extended Loot 1.2 Pheonix KageDesu Features Loot Lists - loot is now in the form of a convenient list. It can be seen that you have found. You can take only what you need. Pick up Pop Up's Visual Item's drop - items jump out from chest to gound, you can collect them or leave Items rarity...
  5. Pheonix KageDesu

    Fog Of War (make dungeon even more dangerous) [MZ, MV]

    Fog Of War 1.0 Pheonix KageDesu Video: example of usage Fog of War plugin with Alpha ABS (Alpha ABS Z) plugins Introduction Plugin allows you add dynamic fog of war on map Features: Make really difficult dungeons with dynamic fog of war Hide enemies, traps, treasures and secret paths...
  6. Pheonix KageDesu

    Simple Quests System (journal and quests tracking)[MZ, MV]

    Simple Quests System 1.2 Pheonix KageDesu Introduction Simple quests journal and quets tracking system on map Features: Quests journal (similar to one in game TES Skyrim) and simple quests managment Quest journal visually full customizable via Plugin Paramters Active quests system -...
  7. Pheonix KageDesu

    Protect paid plugins (and commissions) from been copied

    So, I don't care much about such stuff, but my friend asked me to make this tool for her and I decided to publish it, maybe someone else needs it. Your compiled project still will be work fine (in 95%) and in your JS folder will looks like this. How to use Deploy your project to release...
  8. Pheonix KageDesu

    Visual Choices plugin - buttons and images instead choices (MZ \ MV)

    Visual Choices 1.0 Pheonix KageDesu Introduction This plugin allows you to create visual buttons and replace standard сhoices with them. Features: Replace default text choices in your game with various button images Easy to use and configurate (via Plugin Parameters or JSON settings) You...
  9. Pheonix KageDesu

    AnimaX - extended characters animations and visual equipment

    AnimaX 1.2 Pheonix KageDesu Introduction Extended characters animation system with layers support Features: Separate images (frames) animation images structure (not spritesheets) Idle animations No frames count limit Animation actions Changing animation sets during game depends...
  10. Pheonix KageDesu

    Mobile Controls: joystick, DPad and custom buttons [MV, MZ]

    Mobile Controls by Pheonix KageDesu Plugin allows you create and use simple mobile controls: joystick, DPad and custom buttons. For mobile games and PC games too. Last Version: 1.0 ( 14.12.2020 ) ✅Features: Joystick or DPad movement control 8 - way diagonal movement (optional) You can...
  11. Pheonix KageDesu

    Pocket Events - place items on map. v1.3 with multiplayer

    Pocket Events by Pheonix KageDesu Plugin allows you create items that player can place on map Video: Last Version: 1.3 (17.11.2021) ✅Features: Improve the gameplay of your game by allowing the player to place items on the map Player can select placed point on the map You can setup...
  12. Pheonix KageDesu

    Hints (tooltips) for words in Messages and Items

    Help In Messages Version 1.1 by Pheonix KageDesu Plugin allows you create tooltips for any word or sentence in messages or for Items \ Skills ✅Features: You can make word or sentence made easy for understand for player, or adding tooltip for it You can customize tooltip window, change...
  13. Pheonix KageDesu

    IconSet Wizard - software for iconset creation (New tool added!)

    Description: RPG Maker MV IconSet creation software. Features: Include 2000+ free to use icons library. Have basic editing tools (rotate, scale, moving, change color ting (hue)) Can open any size images (.png recommended) and auto-resize them to 32x32 format Many extra icons library packages...
  14. Pheonix KageDesu

    Map Inventory MZ + MV (visual grid inventory) [Update 2.0]

    Map Inventory by Pheonix KageDesu Visual Map Inventory (grid inventory) ☝ WARNING: Plugin is designed for work with Mouse! This plugin is separated part from Alpha ABS plugin. Last Version: 2.0 (19.09.2021) ✅Features: 25 items on page, support multi pages Items separated on...
  15. Pheonix KageDesu

    Play GIF in MV (VPlayer. New ver. 1.3) [MV, MZ]

    PKD VPlayer (GIF's in MV) by Pheonix KageDesu Introduction The plugin allows you play GIF and WEBM animation Features Play .gif animation on screen (below or above windows) Play .gif animation on game map (linked to map coordinates) Control animations: moving, zooming, change opacity...
  16. Pheonix KageDesu

    KageDesu ATBS (battle system)

    KageDesu Active-Time Battle System 2018.06.23 by Pheonix KageDesu Introduction Turn-based battle system where each battler has his own waiting time for the battle action (wait timer). After the time-out of the wait timer, the battler can perform an action, and then he must wait for his move...
  17. Pheonix KageDesu

    RMMZ Alpha NET Z. Multiplayer plugin [Update 0.7 + ABS]

    Alpha NET Z. Beta. Version 0.7 by Pheonix KageDesu Make own multiplayer game with RPG Maker This plugin is sequel of Alpha NET plugin and made for replace it Features: Not neet to worry about server, hosting, IP -> plug and play in your game with friends Easy to use and easy to...
  18. Pheonix KageDesu

    Alpha ABS (MV) [New cool DEMO, build 1242]

    Last public build: 1232 (22.02.2021) Last private build: 1242 (30.10.2021) The real-time combat system. Easy to configure and learn. Has great functionality and is easily extensible. Features: Easy configuration system and fast start Mouse, keyboard, touch input supports Supported big...
  19. Pheonix KageDesu

    KageDesu RTBS

    Battle System "KageDesu RTBS" - Version 1.0 RPG Maker MV Plugin Introduction My version of RPG Maker Battle System. Real-time battle with features. Video    Features  - Plug and play! Compatible with standard database.  - Mouse and Gamepad (XBox)...

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